Gielinor (god)

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Gielinor is a god forged by Nomad for him to control in a supposed attempt to protect Gielinor from other gods. It is created from the souls that Nomad collected while in the underworld and given form by corpses and the Soul obelisk, with the help of the "true" Order of Ascension. Resembling a grotesque and morbid Guthix, Gielinor is an enemy encountered during Nomad's Elegy.

Gielinor assists Nomad in fighting the player by attacking with a magical area of effect spell, red bombs, and smashing its hand down on the player. Icthlarin, Xenia, and Death are controlled during the quest, and assist in weakening the "god". During the end of the quest, Gielinor is killed by either Death or Icthlarin, depending on the player's choice. After it dies, Sliske showed up in the underworld to congratulate the slayer, awarding them points in his tournament.

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