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"Gideon" redirects here. For the jester, see Gideon Gleeman.
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Gideon Bede is a Saradominist scholar and librarian from the monastery near Edgeville. He can be found at the church in Varrock and features in the Demon Slayer quest. Prior to the events of the quest, a powerful tome of demonology that could be used to summon the demon Delrith was taken from Gideon's library, by Denath, a mad wizard. Gideon has tracked Denath to Varrock and requests the adventurer's help in obtaining Silverlight, whilst he continues to search for Denath.

Once Silverlight is retrieved, the player fights and defeats Delrith with it. During the battle, Gideon creates a holy barrier to help protect both himself and the adventurer from Delrith's attacks. After the quest, he admits that he is surprised the barrier even worked.

He will replace the Avernic wand and book for free after the quest. He also replaces Silverlight and Darklight (after Shadow of the Storm), although Silverlight must be replaced first.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was previously known as Grüfeld Bach, and was a Saradominist priest and demon hunter.
  • Gideon's surname is most likely a reference to Saint Bede, a monk and scholar from the Middle Ages who lived in a monastery with a grand library.
  • His first name may be a reference to Gideons International, a group known for distributing free copies of the Christian Bible known as the Gideon Bible.