Giant wolpertinger

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The Giant wolpertinger appears during the Wolf Whistle quest. During the quest, players must find the various items necessary to create a giant wolpertinger pouch so they may summon the giant wolpertinger, so that it may be used to scare a group of trolls that are holding Bowloftrix, a druid apprentice under Pikkupstix, the druid from whom you start the quest, captive.

The Giant Wolpertinger looks very similar to the Wolpertinger accessible through the summoning skill.

Players do not have an opportunity to fight it during the quest.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pikkupstix tells the player that the Wolpertinger is afraid of wolves, being part rabbit, while oddly enough the Wolpertinger is part wolf itself.
  • Before Wolf Whistle was updated on 31 January 2012, the Giant wolpertinger was out of control and destroying Pikkupstix's attic, and the player had to scare it off with a Spirit wolf.
  • A rare Grey charm and a blessed Spirit shard is used to summon one. It is currently unknown where Pikkupstix managed to obtain these items.