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This article is about the monster. For dungeon guard, see Huge spider.

The giant spider is a ranged-based monster in RuneScape suited for low level combat. They come in a variety of levels, and are weak to crush attacks, so a mace or warhammer will dispatch them quickly, although any melee weapon can be used. They have moderate resistance to ranged and high magic resistance, and will range the player right back if attacked with these styles, so training these skills on them is not advised.

Many new players kill the level 2 giant spiders to train combat because of their low combat level and close location to the starting point in Lumbridge. They primarily attack with ranged. Giant spiders in Lumbridge sometimes have a 1 out of 6 chance to drop an Earth talisman.

The level 33 variants are rarely trained on, and are aggressive. They also use ranged in combat.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

In the Stronghold of Security they only drop spider egg (unchecked).

100% drops[edit | edit source]

Charms[edit | edit source]

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1Green charm.png
1Crimson charm.png
1Blue charm.png
Represents a 90% confidence range based on a sample of 3,053 kills.
1 item is dropped at a time.
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Main drops[edit | edit source]

Tertiary drops[edit | edit source]

Universal drops[edit | edit source]

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These items are dropped alongside main drops.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 18 March 2013 (Update):
    • Grotworms, moss giants, banshees, jungle spiders, shadow spiders, spiders, giant spiders, deadly red spiders, ice spiders, scorpions, poison scorpions and pit scorpion will no longer hit for 1 hit point worth of damage.
  • patch 24 November 2010 (Update):
    • Giant spiders will no longer sink into the ground when dying.
  • 12 October 2010 (Update):
    • The examine text of giant spiders outside of the Stronghold of Security have has their examines changed to say "magically modified" instead of "genetically modified".