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Giant pouches are bags that can hold 12 pure essence, for use in the Runecrafting skill. This item requires level 75 Runecrafting to use and boosts will not work. This item is dropped by Abyssal monsters or can be bought from Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild for 50,000 coins.

After 12 uses, this pouch will degrade and hold only 9 essence. To repair the pouch so it can hold the maximum of 12 essence again, you must bring it to Wizard Korvak together with 12,000 coins. If you want to have it repaired for free, you must speak to the dark mage located in the centre of the Abyss, use the Repair Rune Pouch spell, or use the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar Spell book to contact the Dark Mage. Contacting the Dark Mage via the NPC Contact spell negates the need to enter the abyss, therefore allowing you to repair your pouches from anywhere in Runescape.

A giant pouch is required in the elite Ardougne achievement Honestly, It's Not a Purse.

The giant pouch can be combined with an Abyssal thread to create the threads of fate relic. Players with level 36 Archaeology can activate the Pouch Protector relic power at the mysterious monolith to prevent all pouches from degrading.

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