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This article is a strategy guide for Giant mole.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Giant mole is found in Falador Mole Lair below Falador Park. She is designed to be an introductory boss for low-mid level players around a combat level of 60. While the mole is not very strong, the special attacks can potentially kill unprepared players.

The mole possesses 78,000 health with an Attack level of 65. Although possessing no weakness, she is effectively weakest against mage as she has 65 magic, 55 melee and 45 ranged affinity, alongside being susceptible to the inquisitor staff, poison, leech and reflect effects.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Rubble![edit | edit source]

If the mole is safespotted, she will rumble the ground near the player's position, dealing 200 hard typeless damage every two ticks. The rumble has a 5x5 AoE centered on the safespotter's position.

Chambers[edit | edit source]

There are five large chambers that also serve as the mole's mechanics used in each chamber. These chambers can be navigated to reach the mole. There are eighteen small moles scattered in groups of six to the west, east and south that are aggressive, possessing 10 health and drop bones when killed. These moles will continually respawn and can be used to gain adrenaline and restore prayer points if using a demon horn necklace.

Main Chamber[edit | edit source]

This chamber is where the Giant Mole respawn. After losing around 8,000 health, the mole will dig to one of the four chambers, becoming tolerant in the process.

She will return to this chamber around 20,000 health, where she uses all of the mechanics from the four chambers.

Mini-Moles[edit | edit source]

The Giant mole calls for aid.

The north-west chamber is where the Giant Mole can call in moles to assist her against intruders. Despite having a combat level of 58, the moles themselves are very weak, possessing only 100 health and dealing up to 200 damage. However, they provide a very strong effect to the giant mole, as while alive, they will provide her with increased Defence and damage reduction, so it is important to kill them as quickly as possible.

Berserk[edit | edit source]

The north-east chamber is where the Mole will occasionally go berserk for 15 seconds, glowing red and green as a visual indicator. While berserk, her attacks become stronger, more accurate and faster. After the 15 seconds pass or if phased, she will calm down, reverting back to normal.

Upheaval[edit | edit source]

The south-west chamber is where she may perform her rubble attack, this time being able to use it in standard combat. She will dive once when using this attack.

Rockfall[edit | edit source]

The south-east chamber is where the mole can shake the ceiling to encase her main target in mud, indicated as Trapped in Mud status icon.png. The player will be trapped in mud for six seconds, preventing them from moving, eating or using abilities while taking around 300 hard typeless damage every few ticks from the falling ceiling. Other players can free the trapped player by clicking on them to break the mud prison. If the player is not freed in six seconds, the mole will slash at them, freeing them at the cost of taking 2,000 damage if she has not been forced into another area or killed.

Using Freedom or Anticipation before the mud encases the player will prevent the mud prison from occurring, but it will not stop the rockfall.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The mole can be killed with any combat style, but for low-leveled players, it is recommended to bring mage due to her higher magic affinity, making her easier to hit. Melee is also a fine alternative; melee users should dual-wield when fighting the mole, while bringing a two-handed weapon to use AoE attacks against the supporting moles. Cleave, Quake, Hurricane and Flurry are useful for clearing supporting moles to lift her damage reduction and defence boost.

Higher-leveled players can easily cycle through the entire fight without much difficulty. As melee, a Greater Barge Assault or Destroy combo often phases the mole twice, since the channelled damage persists even after she digs away. Surge and Bladed Dive are encouraged to quickly navigate through the tunnels, with the Mobile perk being advantageous but not required.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Lower levelled players should use potions to reduce the chance of dying. Grand potions are cheap and are very effective in helping low levelled players beat the Giant Mole. Combat stats should be above 60+ if you wish to attempt Giant Mole.

Low level equipment[edit | edit source]

High level[edit | edit source]

Take into consideration the repair costs for degradable armour, compared to profit made from the mole.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

If using magic or range the mole can be effectively safe-spotted by using the corridors to trap the mole. There is enough time to fire off 3-4 abilities before you have to move out of sight. Otherwise, the mole will use a rock attack that deals 200 damage on normal mode and 400 damage on hard mode. You must move out of its line of sight or it will still use the rock attack.