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Keep in mind that while the official length is short, in reality this quest is long.

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Ghostly trouble[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Velorina at Port Phasmatys, in the northernmost building just east of the entrance. (Chat 11)
    • You must have the Ghostspeak amulet equipped
  • Talk to Necrovarus at the Ectofuntus just outside the town, to the North.
    • Obtain bucket of slime now for later in quest. Use trap door on west side of the Ectofuntus.
  • Speak to Velorina. (Chat 1)

Getting help[edit | edit source]

  • Teleport to Canifis using the lodestone.
  • If you haven't already made nettle tea, pick some nettles just east. Use the nettles on the bowl of water to get Nettle-water.
  • Run north-west to the old crone's house which is on the east side of the Slayer Tower, speak to the old crone in her house. (Chat 1)
  • If you haven't already made nettle tea, run south of the old crone's house and cut down a swamp tree for logs. Light a fire and use the Nettle-water on it to get Nettle tea.
  • Speak to old crone to get her porcelain cup.
  • Use your nettle tea on her cup, and add your bucket of milk to it.
  • Speak to the old crone again. (Chat 1)
  • Repair the model ship.

The map[edit | edit source]

Items needed: dyes, combat equipment
  • Go inside the ship wreck just north of the allotment patches, east of the Canifis lodestone.
  • Climb the ladders to reach the top deck (there is a ladder on the outer cabin wall).
  • Wait for the "wind speed" to become "low", search the mast to determine the colours and their positions,(you need to search for 3 different results, take note if needed).
  • Dye the model ship with the same colours and position as the mast.
  • Climb down and enter the captain's cabin.
  • Speak to the old man. (Chat 3)
  • Use the key on the chest and open it for a map scrap.
  • Go to the north-west part of the ship's deck and cross the gangplank to the rocks. Jump and cross the rocks until you find a chest, and open it for a map scrap.
  • Go back to the ship and climb down to the lowest level of the ship, and open a chest in the eastern end of the ship. Kill the giant lobster and search the chest again.
  • Put the pieces together to get the map and go back to Port Phastmatys.

Dragontooth Island[edit | edit source]

Items needed: spade (inventory) , treasure map
  • Speak to the ghost captain on the south-east docks (just north-east of the bank - not the one directly east of Velorina) to get a ride to Dragontooth Island. Alternatively, use right-click 'Travel'. (Chat 1)
  • Stand under the Saradomin statue's extended arm (west-adjacent to the statue). Use "follow" option on the map, or walk the steps below.
The exact location of the book
  • 6 South (Chat 33) then (Chat 32)
  • 8 East (Chat 23) then (Chat 23)
  • 2 North (Chat 12)
  • 4 East (Chat 23)
  • 22 South (Chat 34) then (Chat 34) then (Chat 32)
  • Dig at the final place you arrive at with a spade to receive the book of haricanto.
  • Go back to Port Phasmatys with the ghost captain.

Translation[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Oak shieldbow
  • Speak to Ak-Haranu around the docks. (Chat 1)
  • Go to the inn and speak to Robin. (Chat 21)
  • Win 4 games of Rune-Draw against him to get a signed oak shield bow.
  • Speak to Ak-Haranu to get the translation manual.

Revolution[edit | edit source]

  • Ask the Ghost innkeeper (Who is located in the pub) for a job to get a bed sheet. (Chat 41)
    • Don't give it to Robin like he asks.
  • Use your bucket of slime on the bedsheet or dip it into the pool of slime. Charter ships do not allow bedsheets onto the ships.
  • Speak to Gravingas west of the inn to get a petition form. (Chat 1)
  • Put on your Bedsheet.
  • Ask the townspeople for signatures until you have 10.
    • You can get multiple signatures from the same ghost if you ask another ghost first.
    • Some will resist. Just ask others.
    • If a ghost ask for ecto-tokens, simply leave the conversation and ask the same ghost again.
  • Speak to Necrovarus at the Ectofuntus. Pick up the bone key he drops.
  • Head upstairs, and use the key on the locked door.
  • Open and search the coffin for Necrovarus' mystical robes.

Finishing up/persuasion Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Return to the old crone in her shack (east of the Slayer Tower). (Chat 1)
  • Equip the enchanted ghostspeak amulet and speak to Necrovarus. (Chat 1)
  • Speak to Velorina (at this point you can enter without needing to pay ecto-tokens).
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Ghosts Ahoy reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Ghosts Ahoy is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.