Gertrude's Food

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Gertrude's Food is a food shop that sells food. It is run by Gertrude. It is located in western New Varrock. It can only be accessed during Dimension of Disaster. The food can be used to fight the guards. As cooked undead meat cannot be used to make stew, it is the only way to obtain stew in New Varrock.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Chocolate cake.png: Gertrude's Food sells 10 of Chocolate cake#full for 140 and buys them for 42Chocolate cake10140Zemomark 100.png42Zemomark 25.png42High Level Alchemy icon.png0.3Coins 1.png/Zemomark 1.png
Stew.png: Gertrude's Food sells 10 of Stew for 170 and buys them for 51Stew10170Zemomark 100.png51Zemomark 25.png60High Level Alchemy icon.png0.35Coins 1.png/Zemomark 1.png

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