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Genma is a mysterious entity believed by some to have created the eponymous Fistmarks of Genma, an island with knuckle-shaped depressions covering its entire surface. Whatever Genma was, the island is saturated with its strange energy. Sea captains note that they get an odd feeling whenever they are on the island.[1] The Memory, who is composed of anima and the memories of a dead god, believes it to have been a being of similar nature to herself.[2] She also claims that in her dreams, Genma feels very strong, although in truth she does not know what it looks like or what its gender is, as her mind makes things up.[3]

Another potential clue to Genma's nature is in a special voyage entitled "A Joint Effort", wherein the Memory and the Occultist investigates the energies on the island to see if there is any connection with the Living rock creatures.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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