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This article is about the race. For other uses, see Genie (disambiguation).
Karima, of the Vetal caste of Djinn

Genies or djinn are a race of magic-using humanoids that often have the power to grant wishes to some extent. Genies are known to follow a caste system, similar to the TzHaar. The five known castes are Ghul, Ifrit, Marid, Sila, and Vetal of Djinn, each one capable of granting wishes specific to their caste. It is know that the Vetal caste is aligned with the magical power of air.[1]

Notable genies[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Karima, "Treasure Hunter", RuneScape. "I myself am from the Vetal caste of Djinn. We are aligned with the magical power of air."