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General stores are a type of store throughout Gielinor. The stores are represented by a General store map icon.png icon. General shops sell a variety of items differing from store to store.

Rare items such as a Santa hat cannot be sold to a general store.

Unnoting items[edit | edit source]

General stores can also be used to unnote items, which particularly comes in handy to players far from a bank. To do this, sell as many of the items as you want unnoted to the shop and then buy them back. You will lose a variable amount of coins depending on the item. This does not work for all items - only ones that the shop can buy.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The closest general store to a bank is most likely the Lumbridge General Store, as it is very close to the bank chest at the market.

Storename Location Description/Map Shopkeeper/assistant Name(s)
Aemad's Adventuring Supplies North of the Ardougne Zoo

Aemad location.png

Al Kharid General Store East of the Al Kharid lodestone

Shopkeeper (Al Kharid) location.png

Shopkeeper (Al Kharid)

Shop assistant (Al Kharid)

Arhein's Store South of the Catherby lodestone

Arhein location.png

Arnold's Eclectic Supplies Northmost building in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony

Arnold Lydspor location.png

Arnold Lydspor
Aurel's Supplies North-East of Burgh de Rott

Aurel location.png

Bandit Bargains Northmost tent in the desert Bandit camp

Bandit shopkeeper location.png

Bandit Shopkeeper
Bandit Duty Free West in the wilderness Bandit camp

Notterazzo location.png

Bolkoy's Village shop Center of the Tree Gnome Village

Bolkoy location.png

Dal's General Ogre Supplies Centre of Gu'Tanoth (requires Watchtower quest)

Dal location.png

Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies Middle of Dorgesh-Kaan.

Lurgon location.png

Dwarven Shopping Store Dwarven Mine south of the Pickaxe Factory

Dwarf (Dwarven Shopping Store) location.png

Dwarf (Dwarven Shopping Store)
Edgeville General Store East of the Edgeville lodestone

Shopkeeper (Edgeville) location.png

Shopkeeper (Edgeville)

Shop assistant (Evil Dave's Big Day Out)

Falador General Store By the North Falador gates

Shopkeeper (Falador) location.png

Shopkeeper (Falador)

Shop assistant (Falador)

General Store (Canifis) South-West of the Canifis lodestone

Fidelio location.png

Goods of Menaphos Menaphos Merchant District

Shopkeeper (Menaphos) location.png

Shopkeeper (Menaphos)

Shop assistant (Menaphos)

Gunslik's Assorted Items Southern room of the West Consortium Building

Gunslik location.png

Ifaba's General Store Ape Atoll (Requires start of Monkey Madness)

Ifaba location.png

Jiminua's Jungle Store South of the Karamja lodestone

Jiminua location.png

Karamja General Store Near Musa Point

Shopkeeper Kofi location.png

Shopkeeper Kofi

Shop assistant (Musa Point)

Khazard General Store In Port Khazard

Shopkeeper (Port Khazard) location.png

Shopkeeper (Port Khazard)
Lletya General Store North Lletya

Eudav location.png

Lumbridge General Store North of the Lumbridge Castle

Shopkeeper (Lumbridge) location.png

Shopkeeper (Lumbridge)

Shop assistant (Lumbridge)

Miscellanian General Store In the Miscellania & Etceteria Dungeon

Finn location.png

Moon Clan General Store In the centre of Lunar Isle

Melana Moonlander location.png

Melana Moonlander
Nardah General Store Central Nardah

Kazemde location.png

New Varrock General Store South of the New Varrock square

(It can only be accessed during Dimension of Disaster).

Shopkeeper (New Varrock) location.png

Shopkeeper (New Varrock)
Obli's General Store South-West Shilo Village

Obli location.png

Pollnivneach General Store Central Pollnivneach

Market seller location.png

Market Seller
Port Phasmatys General Store South-west Port Phasmatys

Ghost shopkeeper location.png

Ghost shopkeeper
Quartermaster's Stores Within the Tyras Camp

Quartermaster (Tyras Camp) location.png

Quartermaster (Tyras Camp)
Razmire General Store North-West of Mort'ton.

Razmire Keelgan location.png

Razmire Keelgan
Rimmington general store South of the Rimmington house portal

Shopkeeper (Rimmington) location.png

Shopkeeper (Rimmington)

Shop assistant (Rimmington)

Sigmund the Merchant In the Rellakka market

Sigmund The Merchant location.png

Sigmund the Merchant
Shantay Pass Shop South of Al Kharid

Shantay location.png

Survival Shop East Anachronia base camp

Survival shop location.png

General store assistant
The Lighthouse Store Within the Lighthouse

Jossik location.png

Trader Stan's Trading Post At various ports through Gilenor

Trade charter map.png

Trader Stan
Trader Sven's Black Market Goods In the first tier of Meiyerditch.

Trader Sven location.png

Trader Sven
Varrock General Store South of the Varrock Palace

Shopkeeper (Varrock) location.png

Shopkeeper (Varrock)

Shop assistant (Varrock)

Void Knight General Store North-West Void Knights' Outpost

Squire (Void Knight General Store) location.png

Squire (Void Knight General Store)
West Ardougne General Store South-West West Ardougne

Chadwell location.png

Zanaris General Store Western Zanaris

Fairy shopkeeper location.png

Fairy Shopkeeper

Fairy shop assistant

History[edit | edit source]

The general store interface in RuneScape Classic

The old map icon for the general store, as of 8 May 2007, was Generalstoreicon.png. This was changed due to the fact that the general store didn't even sell pots of flour.

In RuneScape Classic, because the Grand Exchange did not exist, general stores (particularly those in Varrock and Falador) were popular locations for trade, especially in crowded worlds such as World 1. Many players would gather at general stores in order to offload items they did not need, or in hopes of obtaining a bargain by finding an item in the store with a higher street price than the price set by the general store. Because the stores could "fill up" on items sold by players, competition for empty slots in such worlds was intense at times.

The Shop Improvement update was introduced on 2 October 2007. Shop stock was split up in two parts, the main stock which contained infinite amounts of basic items, and the player stock which contained items sold by players.

The update of 2 September 2009 removed the infinite stock and replaced it with the current system, whereby the amount of items each store possesses is different for each player. Many complaints are posted on the forums regarding this every day. This also led to the increase in street prices of items such as cheese and jugs of water, that were once easy to obtain in bulk. The addition of cheese wheels and Milk sellers has since made cheese easier to acquire in bulk again.

The 11 April, 2012 Dungeoneering and Shop Improvements update standardized prices in the general store so that buying or selling prices do not change depending on the stock of the item in the shop.

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  • update 21 January 2001 (Update):
    • Another general store opens in Al Kharid.