Hard mode strategies for General Graardor

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for General Graardor.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

In hard mode, General Graardor's health increases from 40,000 to 100,000, and his affinities are increased, possessing 60 melee, 70 ranged and 50 magic affinity.

In addition, he has the following abilities:

  • "Graardor mad!" - Graardor mindlessly launches his fists into the area his target was, dealing heavy damage towards that area for a short duration. Moving away from that area will result in taking no damage.
  • "Graardor protect." - Graardor puts himself in a defensive stance. Two ticks after saying this, damage inflicted on him is reduced by half and his attackers will suffer reflect damage.
  • "Graardor smash!" - By far Graardor's most dangerous ability, he will pummel the ground rapidly, dealing damage to anyone near him. Shortly afterwards, rocks from the ceiling above will crash onto the arena, dealing hard typeless damage anywhere from 600-1400 per rock. The rocks have a 3x3 AoE and they fall around the player's position. The more players there are in the arena, the more rocks will fall.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to use Ranged or Magic while running around the room, as Graardor cannot use any attacks while chasing after a player. Although ranged is not viable in normal mode due to Graardor's ranged affinity of 10, this skyrockets to 70 in hard mode, making him significantly easier to hit.

Ranged has the advantage of greater resistance to Graardor's Ranged attacks, and Magic has the advantages of Dragon Breath and Metamorphosis, which unlike Death's Swiftness may be used while running around the room.

Begin the fight in one of the room's corners. This will lure Graardor to the edge of the room, and from there, you may follow the room's perimeter, outside of his Melee distance. Alternate attacking while running around the room from corner to corner. Surge may be used to gain distance, but is not necessary and can be saved to deal with Graardor's specials. Note that it is easy to receive a Melee hit when turning a corner, but Soul Split should help to counter this.

Fragmentation Shot and Combust should be prioritised throughout the fight because Graardor's continued movement will cause him extra damage. Beware when using abilities that lock your movement such as Snipe or Asphyxiate, because Graardor will be able to catch up to you. Similarly, Death's Swiftness and Sunshine are not recommended because you will not be able to stay in the damage-boosting area. If using a damage-boosting ultimate, use Metamorphosis.

After Graardor and his minions are dead, wait in the northwest or east corners of the room.

Tips for Graardor's Specials[edit | edit source]

Graardor only uses his special attacks if he can attack a player. Although the focus is in preventing this by running from corner to corner, these specials are not always detrimental, as they can give time to heal or unleash stronger, time-consuming abilities.

  • "Graardor mad!" - Because Graardor will remain stationary, after you are out of his attack range, there is time to use the thresholds Rapid Fire or Asphyxiate, which are interrupted upon the player's moving. The same applies for the basic ability Snipe. Despite the danger in this attack, handling it successfully will increase kill speeds.
  • "Graardor protect." - If using a combo attack such as the thresholds listed above, click the ground to stop attacking. You can use this time to Soul Split one of the minions or to use a defensive ability.
  • "Graardor smash!" - The rocks target the area that the player is in, so stick to the sides to avoid them easier. You should still be watching out for Graardor, and if possible, Surge away from clumps of rocks. Eat up if needed to ensure that you do not die from a combo of rocks and high-damage attacks.

With high-level equipment, Soul Split, and proper luring and technique, the "Graardor smash!" special will be the only reason to use food.