General Bentnoze: Red Rum Relics III

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This article is about the achievement. For the archaeology collection, see Red Rum Relics III.
For the other tiers of this achievement chain, see General Bentnoze: Red Rum Relics.

General Bentnoze: Red Rum Relics III is an achievement that requires the player to complete the third unique archaeological collection for General Bentnoze.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Archaeology Archaeology level: 119
One-time reward: Helm of Terror (inside)
Every time reward: Tetracompass piece and 4,540 chronotes

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Kal-i-kra chieftain crown.png Kal-i-kra chieftain crown11538,333.31,112Bandos's sanctum debris1 × Kal-i-kra chieftain crown (damaged).png Kal-i-kra chieftain crown (damaged)
66 × Yu'biusk clay.png Yu'biusk clay
60 × Animal furs.png Animal furs
Kal-i-kra mace.png Kal-i-kra mace11538,333.31,112Bandos's sanctum debris1 × Kal-i-kra mace (damaged).png Kal-i-kra mace (damaged)
42 × Vulcanised rubber.png Vulcanised rubber
44 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron
40 × Fossilised bone.png Fossilised bone
Kal-i-kra warhorn.png Kal-i-kra warhorn11538,333.31,112Bandos's sanctum debris1 × Kal-i-kra warhorn (damaged).png Kal-i-kra warhorn (damaged)
44 × Vulcanised rubber.png Vulcanised rubber
42 × Fossilised bone.png Fossilised bone
40 × Animal furs.png Animal furs
'Da Boss Man' sculpture.png 'Da Boss Man' sculpture11945,0001,204Makeshift pie oven1 × 'Da Boss Man' sculpture (damaged).png 'Da Boss Man' sculpture (damaged)
50 × Yu'biusk clay.png Yu'biusk clay
44 × Malachite green.png Malachite green
44 × Soapstone.png Soapstone
Totals (XP and chronotes):159,999.94,540 + 4,540
Total materials:86 × Vulcanised rubber.png Vulcanised rubber
100 × Animal furs.png Animal furs
44 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron
116 × Yu'biusk clay.png Yu'biusk clay
44 × Soapstone.png Soapstone
82 × Fossilised bone.png Fossilised bone
44 × Malachite green.png Malachite green

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