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Gems are obtained from mining, trading with other players, and as occasional monster drops. Using the Crafting skill, uncut gems can be cut, combined with precious metals to make jewellery and then enchanted using the Magic skill. Gems can also be cut into gem bolt tips. Gems up to diamond were previously rewards from the removed random events, but still remain as common rewards from Treasure Hunter.

Obtaining gems[edit | edit source]

  • Monster drops: the statues in Bandos's throne room frequently drop cut gems from sapphire through diamond, making the room popular for some gem hunters who can kill the statues easily. Completion of The Chosen Commander is required for access to the throne room
  • Purchasing or stealing them from gem shops identified with a red gem Gem shop map icon.png icon on the world map
  • Mining gem rocks
  • Geodes: obtained while mining

Gems[edit | edit source]

Gem Price
Lapis lazuli gem.png: Inventory image of Lapis lazuli gemLapis lazuli gem N/A
Opal.png: Inventory image of OpalOpal 108
Jade.png: Inventory image of JadeJade 187
Red topaz.png: Inventory image of Red topazRed topaz 311
Sapphire.png: Inventory image of SapphireSapphire 150
Emerald.png: Inventory image of EmeraldEmerald 392
Ruby.png: Inventory image of RubyRuby 325
Diamond.png: Inventory image of DiamondDiamond 638
Dragonstone.png: Inventory image of DragonstoneDragonstone 8,918
Onyx.png: Inventory image of OnyxOnyx 1,266,100
Hydrix.png: Inventory image of HydrixHydrix 26,600,217

Quest and task gems[edit | edit source]

Gem Quest
Blood diamond.png: Inventory image of Blood diamondBlood diamond Desert Treasure
Ice diamond.png: Inventory image of Ice diamondIce diamond
Smoke diamond.png: Inventory image of Smoke diamondSmoke diamond
Shadow diamond.png: Inventory image of Shadow diamondShadow diamond
Enchanted emerald.png: Inventory image of Enchanted emeraldEnchanted emerald Rune Mechanics
Small gemstone.png: Inventory image of Small gemstoneSmall gemstone God Emissaries tasks
Fine small gemstone.png: Inventory image of Fine small gemstoneFine small gemstone

Spirit gems[edit | edit source]

Pocket slot items that give a chance of saving a charm when worn while creating Summoning pouches.

Gem Chance Charges
Spirit sapphire.png: Inventory image of Spirit sapphireSpirit sapphire 10% 10
Spirit emerald.png: Inventory image of Spirit emeraldSpirit emerald 20% 20
Spirit ruby.png: Inventory image of Spirit rubySpirit ruby 30% 30
Spirit diamond.png: Inventory image of Spirit diamondSpirit diamond 40% 40
Spirit dragonstone.png: Inventory image of Spirit dragonstoneSpirit dragonstone 50% 50
Spirit onyx.png: Inventory image of Spirit onyxSpirit onyx 60% 60

Other gems[edit | edit source]

Gem Use
Crushed gem.png: Inventory image of Crushed gemCrushed gem Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains and Some Like It Cold quests
Enchanted gem.png: Inventory image of Enchanted gemEnchanted gem Slayer skill
Grim gem.png: Inventory image of Grim gemGrim gem Soul Reaper distraction and diversion
Mystic jewel.png: Inventory image of Mystic jewelMystic jewel Retired Rogues' Den minigame
Shiny gem.png: Inventory image of Shiny gemShiny gem Found while safecracking, can be handed in 10 Pilfer points or 37,500 coins
Gemstone kaseki.png: Inventory image of Gemstone kasekiGemstone kaseki Player-owned ports minigame
Challenge gem.png: Inventory image of Challenge gemChallenge gem Allows players to start their own challenges

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Mining and Smithing rework, there was an 1/282 chance of obtaining gems from sapphire to diamond by mining any standard rock. It was even possible to mine multiple gems from the same rock.