Gargoyle (Infernal Source)

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The gargoyles found in the Infernal Source dig site call themselves the members of the Malebranche.

They are involved in two mysteries: Contract Claws and Dagon Bye.

When Dagon Bye is completed, the gargoyles are freed of their contract and become inanimate statues.

Name Malebranche number Zodiac portal Zodiac number
Cagnazzo 1 Aries 0
Libicocco 2 Taurus 4
Alichino 3 Gemini 8
Rubicante 4 Cancer 4
Graffiacane 5 Leo 0
Ciriatto 6 Virgo 0
Scarmiglione 7 Libra 4
Malacoda 8 Scorpio 4
Calcebrina 9 Sagittarius 6
Barbariccia 10 Capricorn 0
Farfarello 11 Aquarius 2
Draghignazzo 12 Pisces 4
Ophiuchus 13 N/A N/A [1]
  1. ^ The last zodiac number (4) for the code is received from Dagon the Gatekeeper