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The Game Design Team is a team of Jagex employees who design the game, creating ideas for the Content Development Team, designing interfaces, systems and other content for RuneScape.

Role[edit | edit source]

Their roles vary in their sub-teams. But the main goal of a Game Designer is to design the aesthetics and functionality of RuneScape.

Members[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Mark.png Mod Mark British Design Director 2003[1]
David Osborne.png Mod Osborne British Lead Designer for RuneScape 2006
Mod Jack.png Mod Jack British Senior Game Designer 2010
N/A Mod William N/A Player Support Specialist
N/A Mod Skelitor N/A UX Designer
N/A Mod That Jim N/A Lead Designer November 2015
N/A Mod Goya N/A Senior Game Designer

Former[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Chihiro.jpg Mod Chihiro N/A Senior Game Designer 2006[2]
Mod Moltare.png Mod Moltare British Senior Game Designer 2009
Mod Ollie.png Mod Ollie British Senior Designer 2013
N/A Mod Benny N/A Senior Systems Designer 2007
N/A Mod Vincent N/A Game Designer 2004
N/A Mod Edam N/A Senior Game Designer 2009
N/A Mod Hew N/A Design Team Leader 2008
N/A Graham Bennett N/A Lead Game Designer 2002
Mod Wulver.png Mod Wulver N/A Lead Designer January 2016
Mod Pingu.jpg Mod Pingu British Systems Designer 2014
N/A Mod Obeith N/A Game Designer

References[edit | edit source]

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