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Ga'al-Rek was a Ga'al featured in the official lore A Return To Stone. He was born without the racial memories of his people and was small for a TzHaar, smaller than a TzHaar-Hur, and had pale shimmering eyes instead of fiery ones.

Ga'al-Rek's egg was too cold, and his first memory was of hatching. Without the memories of the past, he didn't have a caste and was therefore an outcast. A TzHaar-Mej told him that it would be best for him to go to the Fight Pits and return to stone (the TzHaar version of dying) to become a proper TzHaar, but he chose not to do so immediately. He perfected the skill of "becoming stone" - being so still and quiet that he was unnoticed in the dark, where he could watch and learn.

He rescued and nursed the dying Fulmin back to life after he almost died at the Birthing Pools, and almost went with him to the surface world. However, after an ambush by the mercenaries Rodrig and Kolm, hired by the TzHaar-Mej to bring Ga'al-Rek back to the city, he changed his mind and wished to return to the city.

It is unknown if Ga'al-Rek still lives in year 169 of the Fifth Age or if he has learnt all he can of the TzHaar and has gone to the Fight Pits to return to stone.