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Furniture refers to a type of items that members can place in their houses. It is placed on a hotspot in the house. There are different furniture types for different rooms. Some are only to be placed in a certain room, for example a bed can only be placed in a bedroom.

Furniture can also be flatpacked. This is the packing of an object into a tradeable item, so that players can buy furniture that they do not have the Construction level to build, and still put it into their house. This however, does not grant any experience.

An up-close flatpack bookcase

Typical construction materials include planks, made from either regular logs, oak logs, teak logs or mahogany logs, which are made into planks by the plank maker or sawmill operator, purchased, or made using the Plank Make spell or portable sawmill; nails, which are smith yourself or purchased; bolts of cloth which are purchased from the construction store; stone materials such as marble blocks, gold leaves, magic stones, and limestone bricks, which are purchased from the Stonemason in Keldagrim; Soft Clay, which is made or purchased; metal bars, especially steel, but also gold and iron, which are made yourself or purchased; and garden plants, which are purchased from the garden supplier in Falador.