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Fur stalls are the stalls of fur traders. Players can steal furs from the stalls with the Thieving skill.

There are fur stalls in Ardougne and Rellekka that players can, respectively, steal grey wolf fur and fur from. Successful attempts will give a player 36 thieving experience with a respawn rate of around 15 seconds. If players steal from the stalls in Ardougne, they will not be able to sell the items back without a vial of stench from A Guild of Our Own.

There is also a fur stall in Varrock Square which cannot be stolen from run by Baraek Brigson. He will purchase bear fur for 12 coins each, or sell for 20 coins, though if told that is unreasonable, he will sell them for 18 coins. Bear fur currently sells for 1420 coins on the Grand Exchange.

If players have unnoted grey wolf fur in their inventory, a new option will appear when talking to Baraek - "Would you like to buy my grey wolf fur?". He will buy them for 120 coins. If players are wearing the ring of charos (a), he will be persuaded to pay 150 coins per fur.

Thieving rewards[edit | edit source]