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Fun weapons are wieldable objects that are intended for fun use, typically having a unique appearance or animation, and not for combat as they generally have low level stats. Fun weapons are often released as rewards for events. There is a restriction in the Duel Arena that can be set so only fun weapons may be used in the fight. Some examples of fun weapons include:

Image Name Event
Banner (Horse).png Banner (Construction) Construction
Boogie bow.png Boogie bow 200 million accounts celebration
Bouquet.png Bouquet Diango's Toy Store
Bubble maker.png Bubble maker Diango's Toy Store
Butterfly net.png Butterfly Net Hunter stores or Grand Exchange
Cabbage.png Cabbage (April Fools) 2009 April Fools
Candy cane.png Candy cane 2009 Christmas event
Candy floss maul.png Candy floss maul Invasion of Falador
Christmas wand.png Christmas wand 2011 Christmas event
Diamond jubilee souvenir flag (blue).png Diamond jubilee souvenir flag Diamond Jubilee
Diamond sceptre.png Diamond sceptre Cryptic Clue Fest IV
Dominion Tower maul.png Dominion Tower maul Squeal of Fortune
Easter carrot.png Easter Carrot 2009 Easter event
Eek.png Eek 2009 Hallowe'en event
Eggsterminator.png Eggsterminator 2012 Easter event
Fixed device.png Fixed Device Mourning's End Part I
Flagstaff of Festivities.png Flagstaff of festivities RuneFest 2010
Flowers (mixed).png Flowers Mithril Seeds or Grand Exchange
Giant's hand.png Giant's hand Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza (Distractions and Diversions)
Gnomeball.png Gnomeball Gnome restaurant or Gnome ball (Activity)
Golden hammer.png Golden hammer Golden cracker (Golden Joystick Awards Celebration)
Golden scythe.png Golden scythe Runefest 2011
Lily of the valley.png Lily of the valley Start of May
Magic butterfly net.png Magic butterfly net Elnock Inquisitor
Magnifying glass.png Magnifying glass Cryptic Clue Fest
Mouse toy.png Mouse toy A Tail of Two Cats (Quest)
Noose wand.png Noose wand Hunter stores or Grand Exchange
Ornate katana.png Ornate katana Vanity item
Pet rock.png Pet rock Askeladden
Protea flower.png Protea flower Big Chinchompa
Rat pole.png Ratpole Rat Catchers (Quest)
Rubber chicken.png Rubber Chicken 2005 Easter event
Santa sack.png Santa sack 2012 Christmas event
Scythe.png Scythe 2003 Hallowe'en event
Slayer Tower shortbow.png Slayer Tower shortbow Squeal of Fortune
Snowball (2007 Christmas event).png Snowball 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Christmas event
Swag Bag.png Swag Bag Squeal of Fortune
Swagger Stick.png Swagger Stick Squeal of Fortune
Toy kite.png Toy kite 2008 April Fools
Trollweiss.png Trollweiss Troll Romance
Undead chicken (item).png Undead Chicken Animal Magnetism (Quest)
Walking stick.png Walking stick Temple Trekking
Water balloon.png Water balloon Sizzling Summer
Wizards' Tower staff.png Wizards' Tower staff Squeal of Fortune