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Shanghai Fukong Interactive Entertainment, previously known as Zhongji Holding[1], is a venture capital firm that started in June 2016 and bought all investments from Insight Venture Partners, The Raine Group and Spectrum Equity Investors for a 100% stake in Jagex for $300,000,000 USD through its subsidiary Shanghai Hongtou Network Technology Co., Ltd.[2][3]

It was formed by employees of Shandong Hongda who originally put forward the intent to buyout all stakes in Jagex for $300,000,000 USD in April 2016.

Fukong Interactive Entertainment is a subsidiary of Shanghai Zhongji Enterprise Group which is traded publicly on the Chinese Stock Market under SHH:600634.[4]

In April 2020 it was announced that Fukong Interactive Entertainment had sold all of their stake in Jagex to Macarthur Fortune Holding.[5]

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