From Across the Keramos

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From Across the Keramos is an achievement that requires the player to throw a gnomeball into one of the golden hoops at the southern tip of the Everlight Dig Site near the stadio debris excavation hotspots.

To obtain gnomeballs quickly, the following steps can be followed:

  • Go to the Gnome Ball Arena located in the Gnome Stronghold and talk to the referee to start the game.
  • Go to the tile next to the gate, but do NOT leave the arena. You will receive a message in chat saying you are called out of the game and have your gnomeball removed, and will no longer see the Gnomeball score interface.
  • Talk to the referee to start another game (Chat 2). After the dialogue, he will give you another gnomeball. This time you can remove it to your inventory or teleport away with it.
  • It is advised to use magic notepaper to stock up on balls as the referee will give you the same ball in your inventory if you talk to him again.
  • If you noted or dropped your gnomeball, when you talk to the referee again he will say there is still a ball in play. You just have to choose the option to listen to the rules again (Chat 1) to receive a new ball.

To get the ball through the rings, click on a golden hoop for the "interact" option. It is very likely to fail the throw into the golden hoop, so more than one ball may be necessary.

Location of the golden hoops.

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