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The Frog Herald is an NPC encountered in the Frogs random event. He was added on 25 February 2009, when the random events were updated.

When the player gets teleported to the Land of the Frogs, they have to speak to the Frog Herald, who tells them how to solve the random event. The player then has to speak to the frog with the crown. If they talk to any other frog in that area, the princess/prince will get angry, and teleports the player away to a random spot, without a reward.

After the removal of Random events, he can be found in the Enchanted Valley together with the Frog prince and Frog Princess, lamenting about the lack of attention he receives. If you right click the herald, you can kiss them (its gender changes to be the opposite of the players). If you do so, your character will be briefly turned into a frog, though you can't move anywhere during the few seconds of being a frog.

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