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What is Fresh Start Worlds?

Fresh Start Worlds is a new game mode lasting for 4 months, aimed at new and returning players. It's a lot like regular RuneScape, but with a couple of important differences:

  • There's a boost to experience rates, peaking at up to 2.5 times the normal rates
  • You gain points for reaching achievement milestones, which can be used to unlock rewards that make gameplay easier
  • The Fresh Start Worlds economy and Grand Exchange is completely isolated from the rest of the game; a number of items might not be commonly available on the Grand Exchange in the early period as a result
  • Unlike (for example) OSRS Leagues, your account from Fresh Start Worlds will transfer over to the main game at the end of the 4 months

I'm brand new to the game, how do I play it?

RuneScape is fairly simple to get started in, and the towns of Burthorpe and Taverley (where you first arrive) are full of skill tutors who can help get you started in the various skills. The categories below are useful reading and can go more in depth on their subjects.

I used to play but I stopped a long time ago, what have I missed?

RuneScape has gone through quite a bit since the 2000s, both graphically and mechanically. Our guide for returning players goes more in-depth about significant updates over the last decade. If you still have access to your account, it will not be eligible to play on the Fresh Start worlds. If you choose to make a new account to play, you will be able to transfer your rewards at the end, if you choose.

What should I be doing early game?

Levelling up skills and completing quests are a good way to get a boost early on, as well as help you get familiar with different areas of the game. For more information, you can browse the links below.

What rewards can I get from Fresh Start Worlds?

All the rewards you earn in the Fresh Start Worlds will come with a duplicate tradeable token that you can then trade to a different account on the main game.