Fresh Meat

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Description: Buying Meat from Oo'glog
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Fresh Meat is a food shop that sells meat. It is run by Chargurr. It is located in the centre of Oo'glog. It requires completion of As a First Resort to use.

The large amount of meat that the shop packs compared to other meat shops makes it ideal for players raising chinchompas, spiders or dragons at the player-owned farm or dinosaurs at the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm.

The first six item's stock reset everyday at 00:00 UTC, then have a slow restock to 2 before the next daily reset; the last six items restock faster about every 9-10 minutes with raw bear meat (which has the highest resale value) restocking twice as fast.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Each pack contains 50 noted items.

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Raw rabbit pack.png: Fresh Meat sells 2 of Raw rabbit pack for 3350 and buys them for Not soldRaw rabbit pack23,350Coins 1000.pngNot bought51,750Coins 10000.png96,800Coins 10000.png
Raw beef pack.png: Fresh Meat sells 6 of Raw beef pack for 2950 and buys them for Not soldRaw beef pack62,950Coins 1000.pngNot bought51,150Coins 10000.png289,200Coins 10000.png
Raw bird meat pack.png: Fresh Meat sells 6 of Raw bird meat pack for 3150 and buys them for Not soldRaw bird meat pack63,150Coins 1000.pngNot bought57,350Coins 10000.png325,200Coins 10000.png
Raw rabbit.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Raw rabbit for 67 and buys them for 20Raw rabbit1067Coins 25.png20Coins 5.png1,035Coins 1000.png9,680Coins 1000.png
Raw beef.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Raw beef for 59 and buys them for 17Raw beef1059Coins 25.png17Coins 5.png1,023Coins 1000.png9,640Coins 1000.png
Raw bird meat.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Raw bird meat for 63 and buys them for 18Raw bird meat1063Coins 25.png18Coins 5.png1,147Coins 1000.png10,840Coins 10000.png
Raw rat meat.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Raw rat meat for 39 and buys them for 11Raw rat meat1039Coins 25.png11Coins 5.png1,064Coins 1000.png10,250Coins 10000.png
Raw bear meat.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Raw bear meat for 8 and buys them for 2Raw bear meat108Coins 5.png2Coins 2.png2,518Coins 1000.png25,100Coins 10000.png
Raw chicken.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Raw chicken for 60 and buys them for 18Raw chicken1060Coins 25.png18Coins 5.png1,957Coins 1000.png18,970Coins 10000.png
Cooked rabbit.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Cooked rabbit for 19 and buys them for 5Cooked rabbit1019Coins 5.png5Coins 5.png121Coins 100.png1,020Coins 1000.png
Cooked meat.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Cooked meat for 30 and buys them for 9Cooked meat1030Coins 25.png9Coins 5.png301Coins 250.png2,710Coins 1000.png
Cooked chicken.png: Fresh Meat sells 10 of Cooked chicken for 12 and buys them for 3Cooked chicken1012Coins 5.png3Coins 3.png429Coins 250.png4,170Coins 1000.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 4 May 2020 (Update):
    • Some of the meats in the Oo'glog Meat Shop have been turned in to packs of meat for easier purchase.
    • Various meats that always had zero stock have been removed from this shop to reduce clutter.
    • The shop display has been reshuffled.
    • Some of these items, namely the packs, now restock on daily reset instead of on a 24-hour timer.
  • patch 6 May 2009 (Update):
    • Removed a duplicate item in Chargurr's shop in Oo'glog.