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Fremennik yaks are obtained from killing yaks on Neitiznot at rate of 1/3,000.[1] They are used in the Player-owned farm. It requires level 71 Farming to check. The drop shows as a baby yak, not as a drop.

Upon obtaining a Fremennik yak, the player receives the following message: A baby yak starts baroo-ing. After clicking on the baby yak, it goes to the inventory and the player gets the following message: You pick up the recently orphaned baby yak. Obtaining the baby yak as a drop also unlocks the achievement Barooooo!.

If the yak is female, it also grants 2 yak milk when produce is gathered.

Fremennik yak
Farming level 71
Pen size Large
Eats Vegetables, fruits, flowers
Produce 1x Yak-hide (572)
2x Hair (176)
Muck N/A
Breeding cycle
(max cycle)
6.67 hours (33.35 hours)
Breeding success chance (%) 60%
Growth time
Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 13.43 hours 24.03 hours 29.73 hours
Growth check Farming XP
Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 6,500 11,375 14,625
Cured disease Farming XP
Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 325 568.75 146.25
Base sell price in beans
Egg Child Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 150 750 638 525
Buyer Prezleek chathead.png: Chat head image of PrezleekPrezleek (yak buyer)
Last spawn(wrong?) December 05 2019 00:00 UTC ago
Next spawn(wrong?) December 08 2019 00:00 UTC

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Yak42 Multicombat.png11/3000[dr 1]P2P icon.png
  1. ^ This source has further information about this drop, see the Yak page for details

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References[edit | edit source]

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