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===Fremennik sea boots 4 only===
===Fremennik sea boots 4 only===
;When worn
nothing happens the end :)
*The [[Dagannoth Kings]] will drop some noted items
[[Category:Free Retrieve]]
*Deal 10% more damage to the Dagannoth Kings.{{CiteForum|author=Mod Dean|url=http://www.webcitation.org/6IbVyjHG7|title=DKS Questions for Mod Dean|forum=RuneScape|postdate=April 23, 2013}}This effect is reduced to 5% if using abilities.
*Gain access to a new area in Jatizso mine, including [[Hallvar]] who will also note ores
;At all times
*Trade up to 28 [[Suqah teeth]] or [[Suqah hide|hides]] with [[Rimae Sirsalis]] for 9 noted [[pure essence]] each, every day.
*The NPC Contact spell now allows players to switch from the Lunar spellbook to the ordinary spellbook by conacting the Oneiromancer.
*Further improved rate of gaining approval on Miscellania and Etceteria
*Ability to toggle lyre teleport destination to [[Jatizso]] or [[Neitiznot]], by speaking to Olaf the Bard

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Fremennik sea boots 4 detail.png

Fremennik sea boots 4 are footwear obtained by completing all of the Fremennik Tasks, including elite. Advisor Ghrim on Miscellania will upgrade Fremennik sea boots 3 to 4, and will replace boots 4 for free if lost. Its stats are identical to those of rune boots


From Fremennik sea boots 1, 2 and 3

When worn
Operate boots
  • Ability to remotely contact the Fossegrimen to recharge the Enchanted lyre, receiving one less charge than normal
    • Shark (and bass with ring of charos (a)) give 1 charge, manta rays give 2 charges, and sea turtles give 3 charges
  • Ability to teleport using the lyre without using a charge once per day (resets at 00:00 UTC)
At all times
  • Recharging the lyre in person gives two additional charges
    • Shark (and bass with ring of charos (a)) give 4 charges, manta rays give 5 charges, and sea turtles give 6 charges
  • Peer the Seer will act as a Bank Deposit Box
  • Advisor Ghrim will buy flatpack furniture and put the money on the treasury used in Managing Miscellania - the amount received is equivalent to 10% of the store price for materials used for the flatpack
  • Ability to change the lyre teleport to Waterbirth Island by speaking to Olaf the Bard
  • Fremennik citizens will use the Far-strider honorific

Fremennik sea boots 4 only

nothing happens the end :)