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Free death events take place on the release of some combat-related update or celebration.

During an event the following effects are in place:

  • No reclaim costs from deaths. Familiars and buffs are still lost as normal.
  • No ring of death charges lost on death.

During events, other effects such as increased drop rates or increased combat currencies may be active though this differs each event. Typically however, the only two effects are those listed above.

List of known events[edit | edit source]

Release date Removal date Event Notes
4 July 2022 (Update) 18 July 2022 Zamorak, Lord of Chaos N/A
7 February 2022 (Update) 28 February 2022 War's Reckoning Items, ring of death charges, and Summoning familiars were not lost on death.
6 December 2021 (Update) 2 January 2022 Frank's Free Deaths Only applied to select bosses. Different bosses were affected each week.
25 October 2021 (Update) 1 November 2021 TzekHaar Front N/A
27 September 2021 (Update) 4 October 2021 Croesus Front N/A
31 August 2021 (Update) 7 September 2021 Glacor Front N/A
26 July 2021 (Update) 2 August 2021 Nodon Front N/A
19 April 2021 (Update) 26 April 2021 (Update) Awesome April N/A
11 January 2021 (Update) 18 January 2021 (Update) Grand Party Ring of death effects not present.