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Fragmented soul only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.

Fragmented souls are entities that appear during the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Halloween events. During the event, Death assigns the player the task of finding four souls by using a polarising crystal, and helping them. The fragmented souls can be found at the Barbarian Village, in the northern part of the dwarven mines, at the Falador cabbage patch, and near the Lumbridge Swamp well. Helping a soul yields 5.9 experience in Divination and Runecrafting each game tick until they're fully healed and disappear.

After finishing Death's task, four souls start to travel around the Draynor Manor courtyard in clockwise direction. In addition to the experience given by the souls during the miniquest, they also yield 16–19 spooky tokens every 30 helpings.

Release periods[edit | edit source]

Release date Removal date Event
24 October 2022 (Update) 6 November 2022 2022 Halloween event
18 October 2021 (Update) 1 November 2021 (Update) 2021 Halloween event
26 October 2020 (Update) 9 November 2020 (Update) 2020 Halloween event

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