Four in Hand

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Four in Hand is an achievement that requires the player to defeat all 4 black hands, within 10 seconds after defeating the first, during the Black Stone Dragon fight in the Dragonkin Laboratory.

This achievement can be completed in story mode as well as in normal mode.

As the hands have very high defence, it is recommended to leave all of them at 4,000 health before killing them off for a group attempt.

For a solo attempt of this achievement, the ideal setup is to:

  1. Use story mode to reduce incoming damage by 90%.
  2. Use a ranged weapon with an attack range of 9, such as noxious longbow.
  3. Stand on top of the Black Stone Dragon, which allows every black hand to be attacked without moving.
  4. Stack buffs that increase accuracy, such as overloads, supreme sharpshooter aura and superior scrimshaw of ranging, to reduce the chance of missed hits on the black hands.
  5. Have low strength ammunition such as bronze arrows as switches to reduce the health of each black hand to below 2,000 without killing it.

If everything goes right, this setup should result in 4 black hands with less than 2,000 health, which can all be killed in 1 hit without needing to move. If something goes wrong, another attempt can be made simply by teleporting out and restarting the Black Stone Dragon fight.

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