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This article is about the second page. For other pages, see Founder's journal page.
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Founder's journal page 2 can be obtained from excavating the lodge bar storage and lodge art storage excavation hotspots at the Infernal Source dig site. All four pages are needed to complete the Eyes in Their Stars mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Our initiates have located the gate. The imperial capital continues to stand up to Saradomin's assaults, but they have retreated within their strong walls. The gate sits on the outskirts of the city, nothing more now than a shrine to hubris. We shall break it down and smuggle it piece by piece to the Lodge.

I have handed each cell leader a crest of Dagon - all four will need to come together to open the hidden path behind the fireplace, and deliver each gate piece to the rest of the order below. Once gathered there, and once the circle is complete, it can be sent on to the Source to be reconstructed.

-Duchess Philippa Wharton, Founder of Star Lodge

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