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You might have noticed a new feature called ''Wikia Spotlight'' above the ads. We are featuring eight wikis here to see whether this is useful in bringing in new users. The RuneScape Wikia is one of the first ones to be shown in this feature, and I'd appreciate your feedback at [[Wikia:Forum:Wikia Spotlight]] about whether you think this is useful, and whether it has brought any new users to your wiki. The eight wikis we're trying this with first are [[w:c:world|World Wikia]], [[w:c:marvel|Marvel Universe]], [[w:c:halo|Halopedia]], [[w:c:cell|Cell Phone Enthusiasts]], [[w:c:ipod|iPod]], [[w:c:poker|PokerWiki]], [[w:c:filmguide|The Film Guide]], and [[w:c:runescape|RuneScapeWiki]]. Angela ([[w:User talk:Angela|talk]]) 13:54, 3 September 2006 (UTC)