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This thread was archived on 16 November 2013 by Spineweilder.

Okay, occasionally runescape will update some of the graphics in the game, and we have to upload the corresponding new image onto the wiki. However, while we will upload a new version in most graphical updates, sometimes a separated file is uploaded instead. The aim of this discussion is to define when should we upload a new version or a separated file when there is a graphical update.

Example of separately-uploaded files:

Example of uploading in the same file:

Please share your ideas below. Explore and enjoy the world! TIMMMO Work it with all my heart!++Discuss Sign 08:23, November 2, 2013 (UTC)


Comment - I think it's an unwritten (or written? I don't know all policies by heart...) rule to upload new versions of a subject over the same image. If this is not done, the two are usually merged. The old version goes to gu anyway... User_talk:Fswe1 Fswe1 Brassica Prime symbol.png 08:59, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

I wasn't aware that uploading separate 'new' files was a thing that people did. I always thought the unspoken convention was to re-upload over the same image, and if an old version of an image ever needed to be used, to take an old version of an image and upload it as a separate 'old' file when the use case arose. I support that process. Matt (t)

It's something that new/inexperienced editors do, mostly. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 09:19, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

Comment - As far as I was aware it was agreed at some point that we wanted to preserve historic images through file histories, which is why we merge new files with their older counterparts. For the purposes of the graphical update galleries, a separate file is uploaded with old appended to the file name. If it's not something we wrote down it's certainly the status quo. cqm 14:04, 2 Nov 2013 (UTC) (UTC)

Comment - I've always thought that it was new or inexperienced editors who didn't know it was possible to update a file who uploaded new versions as separate files. If it gets noticed, it gets merged then. --Saftzie (talk) 21:34, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

Why is this a thread? - To beat the dead horse, this is what inexperienced editors do, and I assume you only noticed a number of them because you've been working on moving files lately. What you've described is not a problem in the slightest; it simply does not happen often at all nowadays. When separate files for separate graphics of the same thing are uploaded in any significsnt amount nowadays, it's just fartwall buffing up gu. Honestly, everything that needs to be said here had already been said, and I've said nothing new. Frankly, this forum should be closed. MolMan 23:16, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

<3 --Love, Fartwall 08:07, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Re-upload new images - RS:SNOWBALLHello71 00:28, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Reply to above comments - Sorry for misconceptions, but my main question for this forum post is: How 'big' should a graphical update for us to upload the file as an 'old' version? --Explore and enjoy the world! TIMMMO Work it with all my heart!++Discuss Sign 09:47, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Well, Jagex are hardly going to update a NPC and change half a dozen pixels. A graphical update is normally fairly drastic or at least noticeable. cqm 10:12, 3 Nov 2013 (UTC) (UTC)
There are cases like File:Strawberries (3).png, though... IP83.101.44.209 (talk) 10:16, November 3, 2013 (UTC)
Like upwards of 30% of inventory icons are probably obsolete by a subtle amount. AND WE CAN'T KEEP UP! THE WIKIA AM RUINED!!!1!1!! MolMan 23:21, November 3, 2013 (UTC)
When the change is actually significant to warrant it... it's that simple. And it can't be explained simpler. If you don't know, then oh dear. Ask. Leave uploading "old"s to just fussy and friends of the GU club. Fartwell that ends well. MolMan 23:21, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Closure - Lack of discussion concerning proposal. -- Recent uploads SpineTalkGuest book 17:29, November 16, 2013 (UTC)