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This thread was archived on 2 April 2010 by Calebchiam.

I created a new calculator Calculators/Supercompost, it is rather trivial in some ways - for example you probably already knew it was a good idea not to compost your ranarrs - however I would like it to be complete (and correct) so I ask

  1. add any missing items to Template:Supercompost table - some herbs, jungle herbs maybe, other items
  2. add untradables to prose at the top.
  3. check for errors
  4. if someone wants to do the calculation for the Compost mound's special move that would be cool.
Rich Farmbrough, 14:34 5 February 2010 (GMT).

(P.S. off to buy a zillion primweed)

Comment - I was looking at it last night, and was thinking that you may want to expand it somehow, by using {{Coins}} because I can't really tell what's a profit. Also, consider using {{formatnum:}} for numbers larger than 1,000, so it will display them with commas. But I believe you don't need to use both at the same time. I'd like to help, but I'm swamped with too much st00f to do as it is. --

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Captain Sciz
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22:28, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

Yes could do that easily enough - it is the cost that is displayed, making the stuff to use - you want the lowest cost - the table is sortable. Conversely if you are making it to sell the figures would all be 2739 - cost coins, so really you can just use the same table for that decision. Rich Farmbrough, 13:44 8 February 2010 (GMT).

Closed - Lack of activity, doesn't have anything that needs discussing anyway. C.ChiamTalk 13:33, April 2, 2010 (UTC)