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OK, can someone tell me why...

  • RuneScapeWiki:About
  • RuneScapeWiki:Administrators
  • RuneScapeWiki:Announcements
  • RuneScapeWiki:Blocking policy
  • RuneScapeWiki:Cleanup
  • RuneScapeWiki:Contact us
  • RuneScapeWiki:Copyrights
  • RuneScapeWiki:Find or fix a stub
  • RuneScapeWiki:General disclaimer
  • RuneScapeWiki:Help
  • RuneScapeWiki:Requests for adminship
  • RuneScapeWiki:Sandbox
  • RuneScapeWiki:Stubs
  • RuneScapeWiki:Update archives <--maybe delete
  • RuneScapeWiki:Votes for deletion
  • RuneScapeWiki:Votes for undeletion

were all changed to have a RuneScape: namespace? They are all pages that have to do with this wiki, thus the wiki is added to the namespace. They should never have been changed. Now, let's look at the other wikis...

  • Psychology Wiki:About
  • LOTR:About
  • Wiki 24:About
  • AboutRedwallWiki (different, but it still has the wiki name in it)
  • LOST Wiki:About
  • RC Wiki:About
  • Muppet Wiki (different, but it still has the wiki name in it)

And then, there's the RuneScape wiki.

  • RuneScape:About

Those pages must have RuneScapeWiki: as the namespace.--Richard 17:08, 14 August 2006 (UTC)

Sounds good to me. It's not like they're about RuneScape. As such. The're about the wiki. Vimescarrot 17:48, 14 August 2006 (UTC)
Lol I'm tired of explaining this so I'll do a really good job this once and never again...
Wikis have namespaces. For example, every wiki has a talk namespace, a category namespace, a user namespace, and a template namespace. Every wiki also has a (main) namespace. Articles in the (main) namespace do not have a prefix such as "Talk:" or "Category:", and are simply refered to by article name, much like in the sentence "Go away", the "you" is understood but not written. Every article also has a project namespace that varies with the website. At [[MemoryAlpha:Memory Alpha:Ten Forward|Memory Alpha]], the project namespace is "Memory Alpha". At [[W:c:furry|WikiFur:About|WikiFur]], it is "WikiFur". However, at RuneScape Wiki, the project namespace is not "RuneScapeWiki", but "RuneScape". "Wtf, hyena?" you may ask. I shall tell.
In April 2005, Merovingian started the RuneScape Wiki. He was given the namespaces to name whatever he pleased. He chose to name one "Forums" and the other "RuneScape". This error, the omission of "Wiki" from the project namespace, is irreversible and must be tolerated. The reason that pages are referred to as "RuneScape" instead of "RuneScapeWiki" issimply because the namespace "RuneScapeWiki" does not exist~
There are a few ways to discover this yourself. Firstly, look at someone's contributions. On the page is a select box labelled, "Namespace", selected "all". Click the arrow next to it. You will see the (Main) namespace I mentioned earlier, then "User", "'RuneScape", "Image", "MediaWiki", "Template", "Help", "Category", "Forum", each with its talk page namespace but not a single "RuneScapeWiki"!. Why? It doesn't exist. Another method is to use Special:Allpages, starting at R. You'll see normal articles, ruby, rabbit, and then mixed into these (main) namespace articles the Redirects starting with "RuneScapeWiki". Why weren't they put in the right namespace? Because it doesn't exist. On the other hand, searching in the RuneScape namespace gives us exactly what we're looking for: the pages like RuneScape:CVU or RuneScape:Administrators.
(note): You will see mostly Richard's wonderful collection of news articles. They don't go in that namespace. I have contacted Richard before about this, but I did not receive an answer.
Why don't we just implement the "RuneScapeWiki" namespace and get on with it? Well, we are only alloted three new namespaces in the entire course of the RuneScape Wiki. Minor discussion has already been had about these proposed namespaces ("Guide", for example), and most will probably be against having a "RuneScapeWiki:" namespace implemented and ignoring the "RuneScape" namespace. Unfortunately it cannot be removed. In conclusion, the "RuneScape" namespace is our official project name, and the "RuneScapeWiki" namespace will remain an unachieveable desire for us and our descendants. Hyenastetalk 20:15, 14 August 2006 (UTC)
So? Why would anyone be against moving those pages to RuneScapeWiki:? How about we just ignore what Merovingian did? Why was RuneScapeWiki: left for so long? Just put it back frick. --Richard 21:45, 14 August 2006 (UTC)
[[Wikia:Help:Namespace]] - Runescape: is our "Project:" namespace and comes "free", as does the Forum:, so we currently still have our 3 custom ones available - there are also some, such as Help: that we make little/no use of, and others that it's hard to tell when it would be appropriate to use. Hardly worth wasting one of the avaialable custom ones if it can be avoided. Ace of Risk 21:50, 14 August 2006 (UTC)