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This thread was archived on 27 January 2010 by Iiii I I I.

this is a idea for a team project, today i was browsing and i noticed


is filled with dwarfs chat heads, i was wondering if we should focus on this area for a while just to clean it up, what you think, it a big task =)--Project Myface Parsonsda Talk | Sign Here | Project Myface Project Myface 17:16, January 26, 2010 (UTC)


Support - I'm pretty sure that there already are people that are working on them, and I'd love to help. bad_fetustalk 17:24, January 26, 2010 (UTC)

Comment - We shouldn't focus on the dwarves, we should focus on all of the images! Smile Ancient talisman.png Oil4 Talk 19:01, January 26, 2010 (UTC)

Comment - This is what Image Maintenance is for. --Iiii I I I 23:10, January 26, 2010 (UTC)

Comment I'll start on it tomorrow Slayer helmet (c).pngImmo Voted Worst Wikian 2013 Slayer cape (t).png

Closed - Unneeded, since there is already a project on it. --Iiii I I I 21:04, January 27, 2010 (UTC)