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This thread was archived on 23 December 2018 by IsobelJ.

Hey, I noticed that we have more than a few duplicate pages/images for rocks in the beta (e.g. [[Beta:Banite rock]]/[[Beta:Banite ore rocks]]). Our existing rocks pages aren't consistent which has led to some confusion here so I'm proposing that:

  • Page names for rocks be [name of item for ore] rock e.g. mithril ore would go with mithril ore rock, while phasmatite would go with phasmatite rock. Existing rocks page names are capitalised; there is no reason for this as the piece of scenery encountered in game is singular.
  • Image names to follow the same naming - add (rework) or (beta) to keep the better version separate until the rework goes live.

I can look at the pages/files we've got in both beta and mainspace and ensure they are consistent to make for easier merging down the line :)

Another issue is potentially the inconsistencies in Mines and mining sites; some are called x mining site, some x mine, and some x Mine (with added capitalisation). I'm not sure if this is based on something like in-game mentions, perhaps someone has some insight to share here to see if these also need consistency-ifying. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 21:21, 11 December 2018 (UTC)


Support/comment - Support proposed naming conventions. It's worth noting that most of the current pages are named like Iron ore rocks (note the plural) and quite a few pages, mostly disams, still linked as Iron rock. As for the mine/mining site discrepancy I don't believe there is an exhaustive list of all official names of the mines, though some of them are certainly named in-game somewhere. By eyeballing it, its seems that above-ground, smaller locations are "mining sites" (Al Kharid mining site) while underground locations where the mine is the majority of the are are called simply mines (Dwarven mine) but I doubt that Jagex is sticking hard and fast by this rule. Superiosity the WikianQuick chat button.png : Yo 03:25, 12 December 2018 (UTC)

Nice title, btw Superiosity the WikianQuick chat button.png : Yo 03:26, 12 December 2018 (UTC)

Support - I think that your naming convention is perfect I also think that we should allow for redirs of all kinds to go there incase the popular name in game becomes something other than our definied naming params to allow for more users to locate the page they are looking for jericowrahl (talk) 15:46, 13 December 2018 (UTC)

Support - Consistency matters in reducing and/or stamping out confusion, and standardising the naming convention will go a long way towards that. Fishing cape.png Kate the HuntressQuest.png 15:54, 13 December 2018 (UTC)

Support - Consistency is good. I have no particular preference for what the naming standard is, so I will defer to Isobels judgement on that part, as long as there is some standard.  RS AdvLogMyles Prower  Talk 18:35, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Support - Honestly, I don't think you'll get an oppose on here. We've all gripped about the inconsistent naming schemes. :P RuneMetrics icon.png Tyler JarretTalkLight animica.png 23:30, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Closed - I have standardised our existing pages and will do the beta ones before the rework goes live. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 20:26, 23 December 2018 (UTC)

Comment - Just wanted to point out as a sidenote that the new, post-rework map tooltips for mining sites include, not just the ores present, but the name of the mining site, which we can reference in deciding article names. -- F-Lambda (talk) 04:29, 2 January 2019 (UTC)