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This thread was archived on 10 April 2018 by Liquidhelium.

While completing quests, fighting monsters, or participating in a cutscene, editors may want to take images to contribute to the wiki, but RS:IMG is restrictive on this. It says that "default clothes" and non-distracting equipment should be worn. In these situations, this may not be possible or may be harder to do - wearing a default outfit during a boss fight is a sure way to get killed, for example.

I think we should revise our image policy to be less restrictive with this, especially the "Costumes" section, but I don't really know how to word it, so any suggestions are welcome (or opposes if you see fit).


Support explicit exception in RS:IMG - jayden 00:38, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

Suggestion - Where in the cases of obnoxious armour or signature costumes (akin to hapi007 and chiafriend12) are something we are still wishing to avoid, especially with people who will try to 'showcase' by keepsaking, say third-age armour and a partyhat, I suggest we simply ask for people to turn overrides off. Most images will probably consist of a mishmash of equipment in this case however. Achievements Coelacanth0794 Talk Contribs 00:45, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

You could also use the Hide-all override thing. -- Recent uploads SpineTalkGuest book 00:56, March 20, 2018 (UTC)
This could work for overrides, however, you cannot hide weapons. Hazelmere's signet ring.pngRobbotRSOrlando Smith's hat.png 17:39, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

Oppose, make policy clearer for quest images - I guess wearing equipment can be exception when in combat, but I feel like most of the time having a default/normal-clothed should be the norm. It wouldn't be too hard to do during quests since there is an override that hides worn equipment. I would say outlandish overrides aren't really needed, especially distracting ones like wings or flaming skulls. I wasn't sure if the policy actually extended to quest images since most quest pictures have the player wearing equipment, so I guess it could be made clearer - Cuxrie (talk) 00:54, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

y u h8 mah wingz ;-; --LiquidTalk 04:51, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

Support exception - However, we should specify no overrides. Summat along the lines of "Relevant equipment (e.g. combat armour/weapon) can be worn for quest-related images. Overrides should be turned off." After all, the point of an image of a boss fight is to show the fight in progress, which should realistically include equipment. As such, I'm opposed to Spine's suggestion of using Hide-all overrides What I've done Ciphrius Kane Talk 05:01, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

Support this suggestion. Relevant equipment only in particular images (i.e. in combat), base clothing otherwise and no overrides. Cuxrie is correct in saying this is pretty much the accepted way of doing this right now, but it can't hurt to make this explicit. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 10:11, March 20, 2018 (UTC)
I support this suggestion. I feel this being confirmed will help with more quest related wiki info etc. Hazelmere's signet ring.pngRobbotRSOrlando Smith's hat.png 17:39, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

Comment - I am often too lazy to turn off overrides and shit every time I do a quest. I imagine the same is true of others. No obnoxious overrides is probably preferable, but it's really no big deal. The suggestion to make base clothes mandatory for all non-combat images is extremely stupid, since that's essentially the same thing as using overrides anyway. Images of content should show what people doing the content actually use, people shouldn't be forced to dress up just to take an image. Adventurer's log Wahisietel (Talk) Quest map icon.png 03:22, March 22, 2018 (UTC)

Oppose I hate battleben's shitty wings --dDbvitC.pngScuzzy Betahib8CAd.png 22:32, March 23, 2018 (UTC)

Comment When it comes to combat images, especially taken from cutscenes/bossing/questing, it makes the most sense to actually show what equipment is being worn at the time. Many cosmetic overrides are quite distracting, and I understand why we would not want to use them. However, IMO, someone fighting a boss in base clothing by using the "hide equipment" override can be somewhat distracting as well (because it just looks out of place). So, that said, I am in support of making sure that for images that are meant to show a specific piece of equipment uses only that equipment with no other armour/weapons/overrides and images which are intended to show a boss fight, quest progress, etc, should use only "relevant" equipment. I don't have the exact words to modify policy but I think it should mention something about using "equipment/clothing that is relevant to the purpose of the image", the purpose here being the key part. Cosmetics that are distracting and irrelevant to the purpose should never be used. But if someone was using, as an example, keepsaked full Bandos armour as an override during a boss fight, I don't see that being a huge distraction as it would be "relevant to the purpose". Showing a player in full steel armour wielding a bronze dagger on the article for bronze dagger would however be irrelevant to the purpose (showing only the dagger) as only base clothing should be used. TL;DR - "Clothing and armour (including overrides) used in any image must be non-distracting and relevant to the purpose of the image."  RS AdvLogMyles Prower  Talk 15:00, March 26, 2018 (UTC)

Support Myles' comment Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 09:22, March 29, 2018 (UTC)

Oppose - Per Cuxrie Talk to Kelsey 09:41, April 1, 2018 (UTC)

Comment - Is the explicit wear nothing policy still needed? I feel like it was from before the base clothing got all fancy. There's a lot of equipped items that I think is less conspicuous or outlandish than some of the default clothing people wear. Obviously it may not be feasible but wouldn't it be nice to have a default outfit for all the images when possible, though? It would make the items featured a lot clearer. I can't be the only one who misses the days of Tarikochi's fire cape and woodsman hat in all our old animations. --LiquidTalk 04:00, April 4, 2018 (UTC)

It's definitely not feasible given that you actually have to go to the NPCs to change basic clothing rather than just hide all in an interface. It's not unreasonable to expect people to use something sensible if there's base clothing that's that distracting but generally I'm not seeing that. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 09:33, April 4, 2018 (UTC)

Potential wording: During quests and combat, it is not always feasible to wear base clothing. As such, equipment may be worn during these times. Equipment should be relevant, realistic and accessible for the intended audience. Overrides, including familiars, should be turned off. Any pets or familiars should be necessary for the scene. Where it is realistically safe to do so, base clothing should be worn for quest and cutscene images.

I'll highlight some images with bad equipment:

File:Fighting Captain Rabid Jack.png - This, frankly, epitomises unrealistic expectations. Fighting a boss which the game recommends being at level 110 combat to face with a tier 30 weapon and no actual armour gives off the impression said boss is easier than he actually is. Image should be taken wearing realistic gear.

File:A Clockwork Syringe.png - Image has unnecessary equipment, even though there is a bank nearby and is relatively safe. Image should be taken in base clothing.

File:Barrelchest Defeat.png - Image contains an irrelevant pet and distracting equipment. Image should be taken wearing realistic gear and the pet dismissed or as a relevant non-overriden familiar.

File:Rabid Jack defeated.png - As this image follows on from a boss fight (I think), equipment used to fight the boss should be worn. However, T25 armour is unrealistic. Image should be taken wearing realistic gear.

File:The Map fight.png - Image has equipment players should not realistically have at that point (T55 quest reward helm for level 2 boss fight). Said equipment is mostly members-only, despite the quest in progress being Free-to-play. Image should be taken wearing realistic equipment obtainable by free players.

I'd say File:Big box in POH.png is a good example of such an image - T70 gear for a quest which requires 76 Defence, with the image being immediately before a boss fight. Alternately File:Zombie fight.png - T30 free gear being worn during a fight.

Also, I'm aware a couple of my examples involve file history images, but they're meant to showcase the problem rather than highlight badly done images currently on display. This is assuming consensus favours relaxing the rules What I've done Ciphrius Kane Talk 06:57, April 7, 2018 (UTC)

Honestly, the wording should just be "Do not have cosmetic overrides equipped in quest images" (which is already de facto policy, although I've been guilty of breaking it for some images recently). Anything more than that is needlessly restrictive and potentially open to interpretation. You cannot expect people to unequip everything/turn on "hide-all" for every quest image that does not involve combat. Ideally images of players doing a quest should be reflective of players doing the quest, and that will usually include combat gear for later in the quest even during non-combat parts. Adventurer's log Wahisietel (Talk) Quest map icon.png 21:11, April 7, 2018 (UTC)

Closed - RS:IMG will be clarified as follows: During certain activities such as quests and combat, it is not always feasible to wear base clothing. As such, equipment may be worn during these times rather than using the "Hide-all" override. Equipment should be relevant, realistic, and accessible for the intended audience. Overrides, including familiars, should be turned off. Any visible pets or familiars should be necessary for the scene. Where it is realistically safe to do so, base clothing should be worn for quest and cutscene images. --LiquidTalk 06:29, April 10, 2018 (UTC)