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Er...hmm. I uploaded every potion image that can be found in the Knowledge Base; however, I have reason to believe that the image names misled me. In the KB, the image for extra-strong weapon poison saved as "antidoteplusplus" and super-strong anti poison potion saved as "antidragonbreath_potion". Not having a high herblore, I haven't seen most potions firsthand. may need looking over. I saved "antidoteplusplus" as "[[Image:Super_antipoison-potion.PNG]]" before realising. I put a note on the dragonbreath potion image saying that the image was identical to that of super-strong antipoison, since in the KB, they are. I daren't make further changes since I don't know enough about herblore. Vimescarrot 21:36, 21 August 2006 (UTC)