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This thread was archived on 6 August 2008 by Skill.

I don't know whether to talk about it here or on the MediaWiki Bugzilla. I just got through dealing with a page move vandal... and it has been some time since that was a major problem (at least with me using admin tools). Generally speaking, there is a restriction on new users and IP users to being able to use the page move tool. I don't know the exact stats, but something like 15 days of using the account and 50 edits or so. At least that was my impression. Only in this case it was his second edit and his first day of editing on the wiki.

Is this something that (for those who are "MediaWiki experts") needs to be taken up with Wikia to see if these parameters are set up correctly for this wiki, or is it something that is allowing these users to slip through due to the single-user login for all Wikia projects?

Page move vandals can really wreck a project, and it can be a pain to clean up the damage they leave behind. I know it is possible to restrict page move to an administrator-only function, but I'd rather not see this tool be stripped from ordinary users who generally edit in good faith. The reason for restricting it to more "veteran users" via edit count is that most vandals create a new account (if they even bother going that far) and can't resist the temptation of engaging in vandalism right away... therefore get caught before they get the more advanced tools like moving pages. --Robert Horning 17:47, 30 June 2008 (UTC)
Wikipedia move vandal case
My point is that Wikipedia is planning on reporting the page move vandal's abuse to his isp. May be coloured blue in the near
There is a page move restriction for users who are not administrators; it only comes in when you're moving more than 10 pages though or something. Hiwhispees only moved two pages, so it didn't kick in.--Richard 18:37, 30 June 2008 (UTC)
Dang.... I thought it was a little more restricted than that, precisely because of messes like this. I guess some "new users" were complaining a bit loudly. I have seen some really ugly messes that have come from page moves from some highly dedicated vandals that took me more than an hour to clean up or longer in the past. This last incident was trivial though, even though he wasn't stopped immediately and moved the page twice. This is more about future problems than dealing with this particular incident, and some concern in relationship to some really awful cases I've dealt with in the past. --Robert Horning 22:56, 30 June 2008 (UTC)
from my understanding of mediawiki, this would need to be taken up with wikia. Instead of going all the way and making the move page function an admin only tool, what about a new rank in between the normal user and rollbacker? or we could even tie the two together. Anyway if your looking for a good explanation on how user rights work and how to change them here is a good explanation Reddo 06:11, 1 July 2008 (UTC)
I should be able to change the settings, I've not done it before, but I'll just need to know what you want (and get someone to show me the right settings ;) There is also Special:Protectsite (admin only) which allows you to temporarily change move rights for the wiki. For example, you could set them to admin-only for an hour, while there is an attack on. You can also change rights for other actions, including editing. The idea is to give short term protection, so hopefully it will help a lot in this situation. Or let me know about changing settings -- sannse<staff /> (talk) 09:39, 1 July 2008 (UTC)