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This thread was archived on 30 January 2009 by Azaz129.

I'm making a call to all participants on this wiki to help out in a large but focused effort to help improve the overall quality of a certain class of articles: articles about NPC stores.

What I'm hoping can be done here is to improve the consistency of information at all of the stores about the items offer for sale there, and to "raise the bar" in terms of the overall quality of the information which is presented in these articles. Some stores are simply missing articles, others are horribly written with missing or out of date information, and others are simply of outstanding quality that needs to be at least reviewed and linked to other content on the wiki. Perhaps some even deserve to be nominated for an article of the month feature.

I'm also looking to create navigation boxes based on location (aka linking all of the stores in Varrock together with a common navigation template) as well as by type (such as all of the stores that sell weapons).

Every single article about NPC stores can be improved in some manner, and it might be useful to put together a team to really look at these hard and put some depth into them.

This project is open to both F2P players and members, as there is work to be done just about everywhere. If you are new to the Runescape Wiki, this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to join into developing content where you can work with some "seasoned veterans" of the wiki process and work toward a common goal. It can even be fun trying to explore the various little corners of the game to find undocumented content and help bring it forward where it can help everybody.

If you are interested, please sign the page at The WikiGuild Proposal Page and join in the discussion and effort. Even identifying what stores there are in the game can be incredibly helpful here, much less actually documenting what is in those stores. --Robert Horning 01:35, 15 December 2008 (UTC)