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This thread was archived on 26 November 2021 by IsobelJ.

Would it be a good idea to have RefToolbar installed on this wiki?

We could use {{citeReddit}} and {{citeTwitter}} as the default templates. This would make citing sources a lot more streamlined. Ixfd64 (talk) 17:21, 21 October 2021 (UTC)


Comment - I would rather that we enabled VisualEditor's wikitext editor which already has this functionality (see here). We can then add TemplateData to the appropriate Cite templates. Both VisualEditor and TemplateData are already installed extensions. Just to point out: we're also in the process of performing some upgrades on the wiki, so this may not get implemented straight away if passed. jayden 18:06, 21 October 2021 (UTC)

Comment - Agree with Jayden, I would much rather have VisualEditor's source mode. It's a lot nicer than the standard source editor imo. Cite being integrated might help some on here since there's quite a few different cite templates, but for me, the bigger things VisualEditor's source mode has are find & replace being improved, and the preview being a popup overlay so you don't have to scroll all the way back down to the editor which is really nice on long pages and templates with a lot of documentation like navboxs. There are a few caveats I've run into with it though, using Fandom's newer UCP/FandomDesktop skin on some other wikis (so grain of salt since these could just be fandom being fandom): It seems to take slightly longer to load and to generate the preview than standard source editor, especially on long pages. The find & replace ui can lag some on large replacements (like a big navbox if you were to regex find links and replace all with plinks, it might lag trying to replace them all), and the highlight for matched search terms sometimes disappears if there's a lot of matches or it's on a long page. The CSS in the preview has some very slight differences from the saved page - mostly minor stuff like spacing between paragraphs and lists being a a few px different. And as far as I can tell, some of the info underneath the standard source editor isn't available in the VisualEditor version, like the parser profiling data, though the templates used list is still available, hidden under a couple submenus. Shadow dye.png  Californ1a talkSealed clue scroll (hard).png 09:35, 22 October 2021 (UTC)

Comment - I have ported the code snippets gadget from OSW to my own userspace and updated to use the templates and sections we use here. The js code can be found here. Once we have completed the migration and the Mediawiki namespace is unfrozen, I will be moving it into a gadget that can be enabled through user preferences. Lava hawk.png BlackHawk (Talk)    13:04, 18 November 2021 (UTC)

Closed - there has been a little discussion on the pros and cons of adding RefToolbar but there does not seem to be consensus to move forward with implementing it. Blackhawk will be adding the code snippets gadget as an optional gadget which covers some of the functions. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 11:26, 26 November 2021 (UTC)