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Before starting, I don't know if these are allowed, information provided here have for goal to provide useful information to improve the wiki, if these are not allowed, please delete this thread.

Also, just a friendly security warning:



I can't cite any source because reasons.

As you probably know, games files are stored in our computers, most files are downloaded when the game load rs at the title screen except for three exeption: musics (all .ogg files are approx 7GB), sprites and textures. Java and NXT use differents cache type, even if it should relatively the same thing NXT cache have yet to be decrypted. Here a list of what the indexs do:


Index 0: Animation Frames
Index 1: Animation Frame Bases
Index 2: Miscellaneous
Index 3: Interfaces
Index 4: Empty (Pre 772: Sound Effects)
Index 5: Maps
Index 6: Empty (Pre 772: Music)
Index 7: Models
Index 8: Sprites
Index 9: Empty (Pre 839: Textures)
Index 10: Huffman encoding (Official name: Binary)
Index 11: Empty
Index 12: Clientscripts
Index 13: Font metrics
Index 14: Sound Effects (Pre 772: MIDI Instruments)
Index 15: Empty
Index 16: Locations (commonly called objects)
Index 17: Enums
Index 18: Npcs 
Index 19: Objects (commonly called items)
Index 20: Sequences
Index 21: Spotanim
Index 22: Structs (Pre 745: Var Bit)
Index 23: World Map
Index 24: Quickchat
Index 25: Quickchat global
Index 26: Materials
Index 27: Particles
Index 28: Defaults
Index 29: Billboards
Index 30: Native libraries
Index 31: Shaders
Index 32: Loading Fonts & Images
Index 33: Loading Screens
Index 34: Loading Fonts & Images (jagex format images)
Index 35: Cutscenes
Index 36: Empty
Index 37: Empty (Pre 839: Gfx Config)
Index 38: Empty
Index 39: Empty
Index 40: Music
Index 41: World Map Labels
Index 42: Unknown World Map Data
Index 43: Diffuse Textures
Index 44: HDR Textures


Sprites are not downloaded all at once like I said earlier, a quick google search will reveal how to extract them from your cache without transparency. Someone managed to dump them with transparency and published them, I managed to got this dump.


You probably noticed that Jagex models style changed recently. It look like that some textures are not in the normal texture archive, some are in the sprite archive, diffuse and HDR texture ones. For an example on these texture change, take normal Sliske and the Children of Mah one.


All models prior to plague's end release use a standard coordination system, but after most models use a custom one except for low detaileds model such as tables and chairs. These models are easily viewable in 3DALOG if your computer have atleast 3G of RAM. A quick google search will reveal how to extract them (if they use standard coordination) to use in 3D animators or whenever. The cache have been subject to unused model such as an unused Safalaan model and some very curious Guthix model that I will upload latter.


Music is in .ogg and .jaga format, the music is the most voluminous part of the cache. All music, unlisted tracks, level-up music. Jagex can stream music from soundcloud (meaning they don't have to be in the cache) but only used it until very recently with the Children of Mah Medley that play at the login screen.

NPC,objects and locations definitions

Some npcs, items location(scenery stuff) data are in the cache, here an example of the info that can be gathered:

case 19166:
	npcType .anIntArray8431 = new int[] { 94084 };
	npcType .myid = 19166;
	npcType .name = "Zaros";
	npcType .meshes = new int[] { 94559 };
	npcType .op = new String[] { "Talk to", null, null, null, null, "Examine" };
	npcType .cursorOps = new int[] { 44, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1 };
	npcType .anInt8455 = 43958;
	npcType .anInt8457 = 10;
	npcType .lightModifier = 10;
	npcType .shadowModifier = 10;
	npcType .anInt8466 = 43958;
	npcType .walkMask = 1;
	npcType .anInt8483 = 43958;
	npcType .anInt8484 = 43958;
	npcType .renderTypeID = 3082;
	npcType .anInt8488 = 255;
	npcType .level = 0;
	npcType .aByte8494 = 1;

Bonus fact: If no examine info is set by Jagex, the client will generate the examine as: It's an [Npc/item/loc name here]. (This was confirmed on r/2007scape on reddit by a Jmod)


I have personally no idea what XTEAS mean but this is surely related world map and in-game coordination system. I don't know much more except that they are not in the cache anymore. htt p://pa stebi n.c om/cgVSwLkK


The miscellanous archive contains interface text, and various chat message and even errors codes (I don't think a player actually encounted them). htt ps://me !Fg0wFQ yI!I_zXOge qfz6FvSp_LjjJ J1kkGUHc qRRt3__dSXG 9q3s


I will take single (or grouped) files request (not full dumps) here some notes before requesting: For sprites and texture It will be limited to build 833, for models, like I said some are not proprely extractable, for music only request unlisted ones. Everything else should be fine if I'm able to dump it.

Also: I am currently making a giant models list to use with 3DALOG, if you're interesed keep an eue on the Yew Grove! 1wDmkih.png  Manpaint of the RPU (t)(c) 00:46, December 11, 2016 (UTC)


We already utilise several parts of the cache for the wiki, specifically nice JSONs of items, NPCs, and invention stuff (which is mixed in with seasonal interface stuff). I generate these (plus the entire RuneScape Bestiary#API) every update. Our wishlist includes: reliably being able to generate NXT item icons, being able to piece together the map, filling in all of the variable names, etc. Should you wish to be a part of this project, hop into discord and I can add you to the group. Quest.png Gaz Lloyd 7:^]Events!99s 15:14, December 11, 2016 (UTC)

Yeah sure add me in.

1wDmkih.png  Manpaint of the RPU (t)(c) 15:54, December 11, 2016 (UTC)

This request for closure is complete A user has requested closure for Informations from the cache. Request complete. The reason given was: This seems resolved, and hasn't had any discussion since Dec 11th.

jayden 21:23, December 26, 2016 (UTC)

Closed - Previously resolved, no further discussion needed. ɳex undique 21:50, December 26, 2016 (UTC)