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I've been doing some research on urns because I want to use them while power mining iron. This is mentioned as the fastest way to train mining in free-to-play, at 45k XP per hour. But how is it done? I know how urns work, and I know how to make them. What I'm asking is how to use them efficiently. How many should I bring with me when I go mining? Should I head to a bank to get more when I run out? Basically, what's the math that goes into determining that 45,000? I haven't found a clearly defined method anywhere on the Internet. I think somewhere on the wiki there should be some detailed explanation of how to maximize XP with urns  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

I'm no expert on maximising xp gains, you'd probably be best off asking in a relevant forum on the RSOF. However, I would imagine it's based on having an inventory of 25 or 26 urns, dropping all the iron ore mined at certain time intervals, having a location with two or more mining spots in close proximity (within 1 square of you) and being on a high populated world so they regenerate quickly.
As a quick pointer, this sort of question is best suited to a talk page, e.g. Talk:Urns, although if you're looking specifically for tips it might be best asking on the RSOF as I mentioned :) cqm 20:19, 5 Mar 2015 (UTC) (UTC)