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This thread was archived on 27 April 2016 by Iiii I I I.

Hallowland has requested his block be lifted via his talk page:

I'm sorry to put us through this again, but I'd like to discuss the removal of my block. I have been away for all these years, and respected the ban. I'd like to return because looking at my talk page, my profile, my effect on others... It just feels very wrong, like an open scar, I'm not the same person today. I don't want a new beginning, nor status, or friends, I just really need to close this book, and it's unfinished... It's something I regret, and I really just want a last chance to give me a little bit of time, then I'll leave on my own. I sware I won't break a single rule, I won't be provocative in any way, or be annoying. I'm requesting the creation of a thread to discuss about this. I ask you to not look at me as a manipulative, vile person... look at my terms, there is no way I can cause harm...And look at the time it has been... I am so very different, as you may be too... Please give me a chance to speak, before your judgement.
Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 12:20, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Previous unblock discussion can be seen at Forum:Review of Hallowland block, with the original block discussion at Forum:Assessing Hallowland's Character.

I have checked for any block evasion on Hallowland's current IP address to find no results, so unless anyone has evidence to the contrary it would appear that no block evasion has occurred since the last unblock request (which was not the case last time).

I will endeavour to copy Hallowand's replies from his talk page to here, but if anyone sees them before I get there feel free to copy them over for me. cqm 15:37, 24 Apr 2016 (UTC) (UTC)


Support - with the same restrictions that are on Mol and myself wrt S:C. If I can be given another chance to be a productive member of the community, so should Hallow. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 15:50, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Oppose - Ansela regularly spoke to and pestered editors about wiki matters. How appropriate it was to proxy edits is debatable, but nonetheless, this proved she had continued value and concern for the wiki as a whole.

You, on the other hand, aren't sounding like you'll have anything useful to provide. It sounds like you just want to make yourself feel better by getting unblocked so you can have something that lets you feel like you've made amends with this community. Not inclined to support an unblocking just because it makes you feew a wittle sad. MolMan 20:05, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

I have tried to maintain contact with wikians (I even remember asking them to keep our friendship and maintain contact in game right before I was banned), I tried joining the Runescape Wiki clan to give feedback about pages and inform about factual corrections that had to be done. However, when I joined, they asked me who I was, and when I said I was Hallowland, I was removed right away. I couldn't help without breaking rules, and I chose to not evade them. If I recall correctly, you were there when this happened. Also, to say someone has nothing to offer is a bit radical, wouldn't you think? Anyway, I am trying to be unblocked not just to cooperate with the community the way I can, but also to close this book, as I said. I do want to make myself feel better (there's absolutely nothing wrong with that), and I want to do that by helping the community, and bringing light to subjects like this that remain somewhat a bad side/record of the wiki. Giving me a chance would allow me to prove that our policies are effective, and are here to help our members become better editors, better people. As myself, you also have had your problems with our policies, and I am sure the experience we have gone through, or are still going through are important. Liking them or not, it's how we manage to stay in the line, and how order is maintained within. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 20:37, April 24, 2016 (UTC)
Ya see, that's the problem. This unblock request has nothing to do with helping the wiki. You want to make yourself feel better by cleaning up your reputation a little bit. You've made 0 mention of actually helping the wiki, only yourself. O wait, I missed a thing. You do want to help the wiki... help the wiki learn you're not such a bad guy after all. Ya, no thanks. MolMan 23:44, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Question - Should ye be unblocked, what would yer intentions on the wiki be? There would be little point tae removing the block if yer nae going tae actually be a part of the wiki.

That ye havenae been evading yer block shows ye have changed at least, and should ye prove ye intend on being a contributor then I dinnae see why ye shouldnae be given another chance What I've done Ciphrius Kane Talk 20:25, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

If you were unblocked, what would your intentions on the wiki be? There's not much point in removing the block if you're not going to actually be a part of the wiki.

Not evading your block has at least shown that you have changed, and if you prove your intent of being a contributor, then I don't see why you shouldn't be given another chance.

 —The preceding unsigned comment was added by The Mol Man (talk) on 20:29, April 24, 2016 (UTC).
First of all, I am aware that being a chat moderator with such a bad conduct in the past would have stained a bit of the wiki's history. Returning and showing that I have grown mature and became a better person with our policies would at least minimize this bad history. Second, I would do what I can to make the wiki a better place. I would probably start welcoming editors, at first, as I am a little rusty given the time I was away. But with babysteps, I would help the wiki with more noticeable things, like imagework and factual corrections. I don't want to edit articles about lore and polemic subjects anymore, to not cause any sort of conflict. I'm not saying I will be the best editor ever from now on, but I will be a good addition to our team, I won't be competing edit numbers, but my edits will be positive thing. In other words, I will be a pacifist, with no intention of grabbing any more tools than I have, contributing to the wiki slowly, but with time, that would be a very positive thing. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 20:59, April 24, 2016 (UTC)
Fair enough, Support What I've done Ciphrius Kane Talk 21:36, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Support - Well we've had a couple users come back to the wiki through this, and they've turn out to be useful for the betterment of the wiki. I don't think someone should be forever tarnished by something they did in the past a while back, I'd consider Hallow "rehabilitated" given they were blocked 3 years ago. What's there to lose if we let them back? Ozank Cx 20:36, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Integrity. MolMan 23:45, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Comment - I have no specific knowledge of this block beyond reading the background Forum threads. I participate in a group elsewhere that frequently deals with banning trolls/spammers/etc. and with their appeals. Honestly, the reason of "I want the block removed because I feel bad that people didn't like what I did, not because I intend to contribute positively, because I won't" is just about the lamest justification I've ever heard. Unfortunately, I've heard it so much that I can't even laugh at its stupidity any more. Subsequent statements by the requester are like a sociopath saying anything to get the response he wants. I've seen that a lot, too. It's silly to enable, encourage, and reward that behavior. --Saftzie (talk) 22:50, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Yes, we haven't had the opportunity to meet. Of all things I were, I wasn't a troll or a spammer. As you can see in my profile, I contributed much to the wiki's conformation, with over 3,8k edits (though my main contributions were in chat). And even if I didn't, it's not really about measuring work, because from my perspective, it's not the thousands of edits someone makes that actually changes the wiki, but more like small number of edits from everyone. I used that justification because my problem in my past were my decisions, and now I know that thing is no longer a concern. Also, implying I am sociopath without even getting to know me... That sounds a bit loose and inaccurate. The discussion here isn't about letting me return and suspend all rules to my person. Should I ever step out of the line again, consequences will come faster than ever. If I wanted to damage the wiki in any way, it wouldn't be by using 'legal' (following the rules of the wiki) to return. I would build proxies, and that thing I didn't do. I was banned around 3 years ago. Now I ask you...Are you the same person you were 3 years ago? Have you changed? More importantly, have you made mistakes? Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 02:32, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Whatever the reason for your block, you were blocked. Now you want to be unblocked and are searching for some magic words to make it happen, very much like a sociopath would. Determining whether you are or aren't a sociopath would require more data, which I'm disinclined to spend my time collecting and analyzing. So I'm not implying anything, only observing. I can now observe that you're attempting to leverage any sense of self-doubt I (or anyone reading this) might have, which is also just manipulation. This forum thread is about you, no one else. --Saftzie (talk) 03:15, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Well, how should I discuss about it then? I need to use words, and they're not magical at all. I am indeed looking for a new chance, and I will be here to discuss all about it. You apparently look for some sort of frame to characterize me as a sociopath, but take a second look at what you've been saying... 'You're using words and you want to be unblocked, much like a sociopath'. I am certain that healthy people also need to make use of words, and that not everybody facing complications with the wiki rules are a sociopath, nor people looking for new chances in life. And discussions are not manipulation. In no moment I have denied what I have done, I am asking for a new chance, after 3 years away. That's truth. But I see your point that you are concerned about the stability and security of the wiki. I cannot cause that sort of impact. If this thread gives me a new chance, there should lots of people following what I do closely, and if there will be a moment I step out of the line (I promise you that won't happen), even slightly, I would be dealt with immediately, and with fierce, because I know how this wiki is well administrated, and you do too. The rules aren't being removed, this forum is legal, in wiki terms, and I will still have to follow them if I am unblocked. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 03:48, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Distorting what I said doesn't lend you any credibility. --Saftzie (talk) 05:56, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
I'd like to clarify why my Comment is Comment, not Support or Oppose, since I suspect my point may get lost in he conversation. I have no knowledge of the original issues that lead to the block. If it was unfair, it could and should certainly be reversed. However, I don't see anything in this appeal to indicate it should. I leave the decision to unblock or not to those with more familiarity with the block. I also caution against inappropriate sympathy. The issue isn't whether anyone posting here would like it if someone blocked them. The issue is whether the person requesting an unblock deserves a block. Try to remain objective. Ideally these principles should be applied uniformly and dispassionately to any block. --Saftzie (talk) 04:03, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Strong oppose - "I just really need to close this book, and it's unfinished". We've already closed the book, we did that in the past two threads about you. Tough luck that you finished it on a bad note. HaidroH rune.pngEagle feather 3.pngCandle (blood red).png 1XqyDNM.png Crystal triskelion fragment 3.pngHazelmere's signet ring.png 23:51, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

That wasn't my only point. You should take time to analyse things with more caution, please read my messages above and before. Last thread, I gave up the idea of coming back, because I saw how much misunderstanding people were having, I figured I could wait longer. I hope you see that you aren't trusting me with a nuke bomb button, but only a chance to do volunteer work with the good conduct. I'm not asking you to become my best friend. It's rather frustrating to see how 3 years gone still feels short to some people. Are you aware people in real life could spend fewer years in jail for much more? Honestly, I understand very well I've made mistakes, but having people judge me in such a radical way, makes me feel like a mute person... No matter what I say, I am still doomed. That's not justice, if you ask me. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 02:45, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Why are you replying to everyone who has opposed you so desperately? What is it you really want? Do you really want to contribute to the wiki again? I don't think so: You barely mentioned that in your statements. But even then, I honestly couldn't care less if you were the best editor in the world. I don't think you belong in this community. Or maybe you just want to make everything happy again? Look, you don't need to come back for that to happen.
You go on and on and on about how it's been three years and everything must be better now. No, it's not. Every time I see your name I think of the shocking things you did, and so I'm better off not seeing your name here. HaidroH rune.pngEagle feather 3.pngCandle (blood red).png 1XqyDNM.png Crystal triskelion fragment 3.pngHazelmere's signet ring.png 03:21, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
What is there to respond to people that supported me? It would flood the forum, and if the consensus allows me to return, I'll have my time thanking them in their talk pages. I am replying to people opposing the situation in order to convince them otherwise, because this forum is about this. It's a forum for discussion about the block. I'm not replying desperately, if I were, I would be either flaming or incoherent, both are not the case. My intention was made clear in the opening of this thread. Those are just the headlines, as I said, I will be here discussing this through the time available. I accept that you oppose me, but at least don't make it sound like I am some sort of witch. I am a person, a very healthy one. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 03:31, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
It's not that you aren't responding to people who are supporting you, it's that you're extremely uptight on people who have opposed you. It's literally not a matter of "oh I can convince them surely!", because we judge our opinions primarily on what you have done. Sure, you're not flaming or being incoherent, but wtf does that have to do with being desperate or not? You are replying desperately. Look at how many comments on this thread are yours, and look where they are. You also say you'll discuss about your intentions, but honestly, I haven't seen you say one positive thing about yourself that I would find useful for the wiki.
You also said to Sacre: "I really want to move on, but to do it, I need to make my last moments here to be positive". Do you not understand that this is not true? For starters, you've "moved on" for three years now. Don't bring it back and influence the rest of us to make you feel better. Sometimes things in life don't finish perfectly. Please just deal with it. HaidroH rune.pngEagle feather 3.pngCandle (blood red).png 1XqyDNM.png Crystal triskelion fragment 3.pngHazelmere's signet ring.png 05:42, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Most words in this thread should come from me, as it's about me showing my side. And you should find in many answers reasons that benefit the wiki as a whole. My answers have been too elaborate and they flood the thread, but that's a good thing for those interested in looking into the situation they're unfamiliar to. I noticed 'move on' might sound a bit repetitive in this thread, though I have to say, I am not the only one that needs to move on. I have made mistakes in the past and it's time people could let some of their rancour go, I am a different, helpful person. My request here is to first contribute to the wiki. And reading everything I've said, that should be very evident. But one can be selective and pick lines where I only mention myself. It's about opinion, I've heard that I should tell more about myself, my intentions in the wiki, my actions to help the wiki while I was gone... It varies from person to person, so I'm trying to show a balanced view that might clarify all sides. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 10:33, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Oppose - Previous conduct was so incredibly bad faith (and intentionally subversive) that I'm really not inclined to give you a second chance under any circumstances. You don't seem to have anything to offer us. ʞooɔ 00:58, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

That's sad to hear. I haven't murdered someone. My mistake isn't irreparable, and I am doing everything coherently, following all the terms of the wiki, not evading your rules... Virtually, you are giving me a death sentence for what I did, and I hope others see that this isn't the way. If I return, I will still be under the effect of the rules, and they will be even more sensitive to me. I won't be unstoppable, and I can't cause any sort of harm the wiki can't easily repair with a single touch. Of all the things I know, I am sure that you, like everyone also commited rather big mistakes in the past. But, hopefully, they weren't the cause of condemnation, they are there to teach you how to make things right. Seeing how important you are in the wiki, and how much contribution you've made, you clearly made large mistakes to become the remarkable person you are today. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 02:56, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
We've all made mistakes, but relatively few of us have spent a year pretending to be someone else, trying to gain authority on a video game website to manipulate the people so you could "backstab the horrible leadership" (hello!) and get back at Ansela for some perceived slight. That's not normal behavior, that's sociopathy. Your comments here continue to be reminiscent of someone who thinks they can manipulate the system if they just squirm hard enough. You don't deserve a second chance, particularly when you show no interest in doing anything productive on the wiki -- I'd let Hitler edit the wiki if he promised to help with my bestiary project...but you don't seem to care about doing anything useful -- your stated reason for being unblocked is basically "because my feelings are hurt". ʞooɔ 03:15, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Cook, in my response to Kane, I made it clear that I want to help the wiki. I want to have a positive effect here. Though, even if I propose to help your project (I would actually help), you would likely second guess me and say it was only desperation to change your opinion. So I take your opinion (not that it changes anything if I don't), but, keeping this clear, I would like you to stop vilifying me. I'm not a monster. You have the right to be conservative and try to keep me from being unblocked, everyone has to learn to live with divergent opinions, but please, I'm a normal, healthy, even good person. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 04:11, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Comment - It's been almost 3 years. That you keep coming back and asking forgiveness is bizarre, and it's worrying that a ban has weighed on you so heavily after all this time. I'm not saying this to put you down, but you might gain more from a little personal development than you ever could through spending so much of your life worrying about what happened on this site. I'm sure you could make decent contributions if you were unblocked, but I'm equally sure that isn't the best solution for you as a person. --Sαcrε (edit my sig) | (edit my user page) 03:47, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

I know, and you are very correct, you comment represents everything I believe about this. Which is why I will leave a while after I'm unblocked (hopefully, if it happens)... I will even disable my account. However, for my life, I feel like my last impression here should be positive... It haunts me a little bit, how this 'ended'. Look at my talk page, the very structure of it. It ashames me. I was damaged, and stupid. I really want to move on, but to do it, I need to make my last moments here to be positive, and in order to do that, I have to go through this horrible experience of creating forums (I really dislike doing this). This is as honest as I can get, this comment. Please, wikians, let me return, if only for a couple months, only to close this adequately. I need this to move on, and I promise I won't ever look back once I do. I just want to move on, but I can't ignore this chapter the way it was left. It's so frustrating. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 03:58, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
There it is again! That's the problem! If it's already in your plan to leave after the unblock, then it's patently obvious that you don't give two shits about the wiki. This is nothing but a selfish effort for you to be able to say "I was blocked on my own terms." MolMan 11:29, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
Sigh. Mol. Do you actually believe everyone will stay in our wiki forever? I believe everyone will have to leave eventually, and when I say I intend to leave a while after my unblocking, it's because I know how much people like you would not enjoy my presence. I really do want to stay perhaps less than yourself, but this is not selfishness, it's about a better space for all, the contrary of your definition. And this whole effort isn't to leave with a higher ego, look at all I'm going through and tell me again how this is benefitting my "nascissism". I am nearly begging for a new chance here. This is to leave positiveness for the wiki. With edits, with good conduct and work. I am aware though through this thread it won't truly matter what I say to you because you seemingly will always see me in the same light due to the bad history we have between ourselves, but this happened three years ago, and you also have your problems with the rules and you were given a chance. Your argument that the situations are much different is rather loose. I see that we both want to contribute to the wiki, and we both deserve a new chance, the only difference is that you've already had yours. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 15:59, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Weak oppose - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also per cook and sacre User talk:ThePsionic.png: RS3 Inventory image of User talk:ThePsionic ThePsionic Special:Contributions/ThePsionic.png: RS3 Inventory image of Special:Contributions/ThePsionic 08:48, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Question to admins If unbanned, if there was cause to reban them, would there be a follow up punishment to ban from editing the wiki as well? Then add comment on profile of banned x date, then request to unban approved, however repeated abuse of privileged results in permaban. --Deltaslug (talk) 10:28, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Right now, I can't see this passing. However, in the case that this rapidly turns around, I would refer to RS:BLOCK which indicates that blocks should scale with the number of previous blocks. As the previous block was infinite, then it stands to reason that it would be infinite again, although there is always the possibility that it was not such a serious infraction so whoever makes the block elects to be more lenient.
More interestingly, this is the second unblock thread. As discussions are typically allowed to be run 3 times before the rejection is noted on previously rejected proposals, Hallowland is running out of chances. cqm 11:11, 26 Apr 2016 (UTC) (UTC)

Question to Hallowland A question to you, had you considered why exactly is it that you want to go back into the chat again? The size of the community using the chat is rather small, and there are times of day where no one is in it. If you're still able to contribute to the wiki via edits and what not, is it really necessary to be able to use the chat? --Deltaslug (talk) 10:39, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Hello. Well I don't want to return to the wiki chat at all, I just want the ability to edit again. Should you wish, you could keep me from entering our chat. You've said well, there's no necessity to involve myself with that, specially with some people being unconfortable with my presence, so I respect that. Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 11:57, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Strong Oppose - per Cook/Sacre/Mol and the '95-'96 Bulls --Top hat (blue).pngLashaziortalkBlack cane.png 11:36, April 25, 2016 (UTC)

Oppose - People don't change much - if you could show such sociopathic behaviour then, you can and will do it again Ancient talisman.png Oil4 Talk 00:08, April 26, 2016 (UTC)

Something something Pot, Kettle Slayer helmet (c).pngImmo Voted Worst Wikian 2013 Slayer cape (t).png 01:46, April 26, 2016 (UTC)

Oppose - Per Michael Jordan and sacje. Korasi's sword.png Archmage Elune  TalkHS Void knight deflector.png fetus is my son and I love him. 18:01, April 26, 2016 (UTC)

Oppose - Your original argument for wanting to be unbanned is not very convincing. I agree with previous posts that wanting to be unbanned just so you can fulfil some kind of desire to "close this book" and then leave later on your own terms once you have done this is not a legitimate reason for having your block removed. You barely mentioned any intention to make positive edits for the sake of improving the wiki - until other editors pointed out to you that that was what they expected to see in an unblock request.

On top of that your approach to this thread is showing much of the same behaviour that led to you being banned in the first place and which led to your last unblock thread being unsuccessful. You are again avoiding taking responsibility for what you did to cause yourself to be blocked and increasingly your comments are back blaming other people for disagreeing with your own opinion that you deserve to be unblocked. It's hard to believe your comments about having changed over the last three years when you're still behaving in the same way. Skipping over your melodramatic comparison to the death penalty, I think you are wrong to say that your "mistake" isn't irreparable. Your deception destroyed the good opinion that the community had of you and for some (many - judging by the responses here) editors there isn't going to be much, if anything, that you can do to regain that opinion. You would do better to move on by accepting that rather than to continue trying to get yourself unblocked to attempt to repair the damage caused by your past actions. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 19:16, April 26, 2016 (UTC)

Comment - I know I've been commenting this thread a bit too much, but I'll place this comment here, and it's something that comes from my heart, with no desire to twist words, make anyone feel guilty, no desire to sound like Dumbledore, or anything negative or narcissistic. It's something that comes from me, with a message to the wiki, all of it. Please, for this comment alone, let go of any rancour you have about me, you can take it back after you read this, but please, read with an open mind. This comment isn't about getting your support (soon you will see that). It's rather long, I ask you for your patience.

In this thread, I have been sincere in all comments. They were true in all aspects (at least from my perspective, from my mind, my memory). I commented in my talk page, trying to make a sincere comment too, but I didn't think that it would become the headline of this forum. If I did, I would've been clearer, and more elaborated. It was me justifying why I was requesting it, just that, I wanted something spontaneous and honest. Anyway, this isn't what the comment is about.

Despite being opposed by so many, and many in my place would say it is unfair right away, but I am, or was too a wikian, and I understand how we, wikians, think. You would say all of it was just fake faces, but the wiki was a place very special to me, and it wasn't about Ansela that I stayed. She was just the reason I created a new account to evade the ban, afterall, I was mad at the time, but continuing... That was Hairr, Joey, Dogfoger, Haidro, EpicPancakes, most other admins, The Mol Man (at the time he was very friendly :P), CoffeeMug, and many other people, I took them as friends, they were the reason. The wiki felt like home to me, I had really cool friends to talk to (with my horrible, broken english), I had a place I felt important in, it was about the game I loved with a burning passion, and being here was important to me perhaps even more than my own real recreation.

When I became a mod, in reality I used to show off whenever someone mentioned wikipedia, or anything wiki related. "Hey, I'm a wiki mod, by the way, I know all about it!". To me that was so special, yet to the person listening to me, they would just see it as something completely meaningless; regardless, I understood why they didn't care. Anyway, my point is, to us, wikians, the wiki feels like a very special place, some of us compete contribution numbers, imagework, lore knowledge, and the most varied things. We know how cool 'sysop', 'mod', and a fucking 'bureaucrat' sounds like... We don't see the wiki as just a place built on volunteer work, it feels special, like home. And that is why I completely understand most of your opposition to my unblocking. I was once an experienced wikian too. Seeing someone that sounds broken, sounds suspicious due to their bad marks, that hurt the wiki before...trying to return... That's repulsive. Maybe even myself would oppose my own return if I were in your position. So yes, I understand completely the way you feel about me, your position about me, even though I am telling the truth. It's ok to me. Truly.

All I wanted to do after my unblock was helping the wiki, editing again, feeling good here again, welcoming people as I used to do, being a good wikian. Yes, that matters to me, leaving this place with last moments of positivity, and constructiveness. I like to, at least nowadays, to leave a place with the feeling it was left better than it was. I also had much "nostalgia" about this, though this isn't the exact term that describes it, portuguese speakers call it "saudade" (there's an article in wikipedia about it, in english). It's basically the feeling of strong affection for a place/someone long gone, but not with the wish to relive things again, but to visit, to experience, live and see with your current perception. That's what I had in mind. I am emotionally healthy to leave this wiki forever, and I wanted to do it more than ever, I just opened this forum because I wondered if I could spend a short time living all of it as a wikian again, in the wiki's legal terms, and as myself. I wanted to, after that, leave forever. I'm not a sociopath, psychopath, or any 'path' you could possibly put at the end of a term, I feel a bit sad that this is the impression I gave to you in my moments of instability in the past, but again I understand why you interpreted that. I'm a really healthy (body and mind) person, nowadays I am in college, I have tons of friends, I'm better than has been very kind to me since the end of high school. I know hearing all of this personal bullshit is meaningless to some of you, but I think a small number of people would be interested in knowing. Anyway. Not everything we get in life is affirmative, and I understand that in this case the forum would very likely end in rejection. I know closing 2 days after opening it is a bit too premature, but I don't want to spend my days as a wikian knowing many individuals would be disgusted by it. So I am closing this thread.

This is the part where I sound like Dumbledore, sorry if it's annoying (I know I said I didn't want to sound like him...and I don't, it's a consequence unfortunately): Despite not being able to return and edit, I could experience part of what it's like to be a wikian again through this very thread, saw you guys after so long... It was very nice. I am surprised to see how Kane and Ansela have become different (at least apparently), I leave with at least an impression that they are much nicer, and that feels very good. Not because they supported me, but because they got over the bad history we have between ourselves, like I did. It's a bit sad for me to see that Mol and Haidro have become a bit bitter, but from my time as a wikian, and the time we spent in private chats, I know they are very good people beyond their shells. About Cäm I'd like to thank him for keeping contact with me in Runescape after I was banned. He has a great soul. I couldn't hear other familiar people give their opinion (well Cook did, but we were never really that close, his immense number of edits used to frighten me a bit in the past, lol), but this is enough good. Please don't feel guilty if this comment somehow changed your mind and your opinion on me. Again, I am entirely ok. If it didn't change anything, well, I am leaving and giving my last words, to think I'm manipulating even now would have me think you're psychotic this time haha ;P. Thank you, guys. Despite the outcome, all my time in the wiki somehow contributed to what I am today, which I am proud of. I am going to keep my account for a few more days, following my talk page, then I'll completely disable it through wiki mechanisms, and I won't be interacting with the Runescape Wiki in any sort of way. This is a real closure. I won't be bothering you guys in game as well, in your clan, I have also left the game for good (that was months ago). Goodbye guys, I wish you all possible luck in the wiki (I actually feel this affection to you guys, it's not me being polite or anything false)! Magpie.pngHallowlandtalkWoodcutting-icon.png 00:39, April 27, 2016 (UTC)

Closed - requested by user. Hallowland will not be unblocked. --Iiii I I I 01:14, April 27, 2016 (UTC)