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This thread was archived on 29 May 2021 by KelseW.

I believe that the graphical updates section is due for an update, an I'd be happy to participate in such a project. I have identified a couple of problems, that needs clarification before I'll go ahead and look forward to receive some inputs/feedback.

1. There needs to be naming consistency of historical files. I have found examples such as File:ancient [subject], File:[subject] old, File:[subject] Old, File:Classic [subject], File:[subject] older - very inconsistent and confusing. There are even some files that are .gif rather than standard .png I propose File:[subject] v1, File:[subject] v2, File:[subject] v3 suffix and so forth as per Old School Runescape Wiki. i.e. File:ancient ateel dragon.png becomes File:Steel dragon v1.png

2. Some of the old models should be updated. Thanks to Hlwys amazing work we now have high-quality pictures of even the earliest models of Runescape, which can and should be update accordingly (see 60px) I propose that all the old model pictures are replaced with the models Hlwys has brought forth as far as it's possible. I'm not sure whether this would also mean that adding textures will be considered a graphical update. Would the steel dragon as it appear in OSRS today be considered a separate model from the one that got a metallic texture when Runescape HD was released? That would mean that texture-less (OSRS) Steel dragon is version 2, and textured Steel dragon would be version 3. Or is the difference so subtle that they would be considered the same?

3. Can a new layout be made so the graphical updates are less cluttered. If a character is updated more than once, it will appear twice. Once as an 'after' and then again as a 'before', which makes little sense as it could be just a linear process.

4. What to do about models that can't be salvaged. This is not something I'm sure what can be done about. For instance we have a high-resolution depiction of Enakhra from OSRS, however she has since been graphically updated multiple times, and I doubt it's possible to retrieve a high-resolution model of her as she appeared before the release of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. And this is probably true for other model as well.

5. There is also the issue of naming characters where several versions existed at the same time, such as Lesser demons, Greater demons etc. If we know which modern day character correspond to which, it shouldn't be that difficult. I'm just not sure about the naming, if I once again refer back to OSRS wiki that would mean that ([number]) is added, but before the historical number. Would it make sense to have files named File:Lesser demon (1) v2.png File:Lesser demon (2) v2.png File:Lesser demon (3) v2.png and File:Lesser demon (4) v2.png? which would be the lesser demons as they appear in OSRS.

If I could get some inputs as well as some approval and support from the higher rankings, it would be much appreciated Exaldin (talk) 20:47, 29 May 2021 (UTC)


Closed - User has withdrawn the proposal. Talk to Kelsey 20:55, 29 May 2021 (UTC)