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This thread was archived on 13 March 2021 by IsobelJ.

Right now, page source for infoboxes is pretty hard to read when a page has a lot of versions. The typical code style is to put all the versions for a single parameter on the same line, and put a newline between each different parameter. This is usually fine when there's only 1 or 2 versions, but once the lines start wrapping it becomes difficult to maintain.

I propose we put a newline between every version and every parameter in the infobox. For an example, see the page source of Goblin vs. the page source on osrsw:Goblin. This proposal will not affect the way the infobox looks on the actual article, just the source.

Small example before:

{{Infobox Monster
|version1 = Level 2|version2 = Level 3
|name = Man
|image1 = [[File:Man 1.png]]|image2 = [[File:Man 2.png]]

Small example after:

{{Infobox Monster
|version1 = Level 2
|version2 = Level 3
|name = Man
|image1 = [[File:Man 1.png]]
|image2 = [[File:Man 2.png]]

For more examples, see any page on OSW with a switch infobox.


Support - as nominator. Riblet15 (talk) 08:54, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - I've been doing it like this and it's cleaner. Habblet (talk|c) 14:55, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - I know I don't edit here much, but this is something that I would argue is better for newer editors. Having a single param per line is easier on the eyes, and I know that helped me get comfortable editing various infoboxes. I'd further argue that the advantages outweigh the one downfall of having to scroll farther perhaps for a certain param. -Legaia2Pla · ʟ · 17:04, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - I've been using my bot to add spaces before and after the =. I'd have done this too if I knew how. Helps clarity on editing. Meeeeerds msg 17:09, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - Cleaner and more user friendly particularly for less experienced editors. If we can bot it, all the better. That Goblin example is just ugly. Smithing.pngAescopalus talkCrafting.png 17:11, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - It might make the source text a little longer but I'd argue that the cleanliness and readability far outweighs that. Lava hawk.png BlackHawk (Talk)    17:16, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - Great idea by the Rib man. :) Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 17:20, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - easier for less experience editors and or consistency between wikis for people who edit both. Can you we bot correct all these? Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 20:31, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - Much easier to read. Find (\|\s*\w+\s*=([^{}[\]]|\{\{.*\}\}|\[\[.*?\]\])+?)\s*(?=\|\s*\w+\s*=) replace $1\n seems to do the trick so it's just an easy bot task. Invention.pngCephHunter talkSlayer.png 22:13, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

I have a bot that's a bit more context aware, since this proposal should only apply to infobox templates. Riblet15 (talk) 22:35, 28 February 2021 (UTC)

Support - Though I haven't edited much lately, the newlines make it far more readable to me, at least. So I support.  RS AdvLogMyles Prower  Talk 15:50, 6 March 2021 (UTC)

Closed - unanimous support for the proposal. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 20:06, 13 March 2021 (UTC)