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Fork handle detail.png

A fork handle is an item obtained from buying 4 candles from any candle seller, such as the candle shop in Catherby or Jossik in the Lighthouse. Purchasing it for the first time unlocks the Handles for Forks achievement.

On the shop interface, the option usually labelled "Buy 5" instead reads "Buy 4". Selecting this option or using the transaction buttons to attempt to buy exactly 4 candles at once, will give the player a fork handle rather than any candles. The player will not be charged any coins, and can do this even when not carrying enough coins to purchase any candles. The shop's stock of candles will still be reduced by 4. If there are fewer than 4 candles in stock, or if the player has fewer than 4 empty inventory spaces, they will not receive a fork handle, but will instead buy as many candles as possible.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The item's name is a play on words, as "fork handle" and "four candle" sound similar, and may be a reference to the Four Candles sketch by The Two Ronnies, a British comedy show.