Forge War

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The Forge War was a long civil war that took place in the Warforge shortly after the end of the God Wars.

After Guthix reawakened and began to fight back against the warring gods, Bandos collapsed the entrance to the Warforge trapping all its inhabitants, who at that point only consisted of an unknown amount of goblins of the eleven goblin tribes, within it to prevent anyone else to gain access to what he considered his property. When Bandos was banished by Guthix, the goblins felt lost without his guidance, and cut off from the rest of the world, they began to fight amongst themselves over food, water, supplies, power and glory. Some of the goblins began to see the conflicts as Bandos' ultimate test of strength, to see which of the eleven tribes were the supreme one. The Imcando dwarf master smith Thalmund was isolated in his workshop, both fearing and worrying about the goblins fighting outside. The goblins occasionally traded food, information and resources with him in exchange for weapons and armour.

Exactly how and when the Forge War ended is not known, but eventually the goblins managed to reach the surface from where they began to wander the world. They met other Bandosians on the surface such as the ogres with whom they soon started fighting eventually leading to the Feldip Hills Civil War.