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Forcae's journal is a text written by Forcae chronicling the creation of metal dragons. It can be filled with 10 pages that can be obtained as drops from adamant and rune dragons. The pages are automatically added when picked up; the first page will produce the book.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Forcae's journal.
Skrael 14

When we took the eggs and poured enchanted metal into them, we expected them to die.

The first did, of course.

I confess, I felt regret when I saw those eggs crumple under the metal's weight.

I had visions of a nose breaking through the shell of the egg, like that of my own child, Lasthes. That was long ago, and I have not seen her since... she joined the others.

I digress. We expected them to die and they did. But we, as pioneers, persisted.

We refined the mixture, we recalibrated and we succeeded.

The first bronze dragon. Beautiful, powerful, utterly mindless. A failure in Kerapac's eyes, but not without value. Superior to other dragons, these metal dragons could offer a wealth of new data for Kerapac's research.

But Kerapac opted to continue experimenting. We tried new metals. Iron at first.

We set the iron dragon against the bronze. I delighted as it crushed the runt without thought. The iron dragon was a creature of fury, not unlike our cousins the necrosyrtes. And it was strong. The others were worried when the bronze dragon [illegible]

not sure where the rest of it went. Still, all processes can be refined.

As a weapon, the iron dragon's potential was remarkable. That was my first thought. Instead of risking ourselves, we could send these beasts after others - after the False Users.

That is... the Pull talking. That is not the realisation of a rational mind.

Skrael 18

The metallic dragons endure. They take damage and shrug off pain with impunity.

What if WE could be more like THEM?

Kerapac laughed at that, of course.

Why would we want to debase ourselves like these creatures?

At least I convinced him to combine new metals with the dragons... create something stronger.

Construction on the foundry begins tomorrow. I am excited.

I continue to wonder what these dragons could mean for my people. The Stone already imprisons us, so it's clear that our essence can be transferred.

If we could transfer our essence into a new form, could we then escape the curse?

Kerapac thinks me mad, but I know my path is wise. He wants to maintain our current form, and somehow break Her magic more directly.

He is fighting a battle that cannot be won, so I turn my attention elsewhere.

Kerapac turns to more elemental approaches. Infusing dragons with frost and the purity of white dragons.

Metal is the path. But which metal?

We must look beyond raw strength and consider the arcane properties of the metal Mithril. That's where I'll start first. Pliable, durable and [illegible]

which will be useful in attuning it the the appropriate elements.

Skrael 32

My mithril dragon easily outpaced the other dragons.

It even bested one of Kerapac's pet white dragons, which fled before the mithril dragon could finish it.

It made the perfect test subject for [illegible]

both Kerapac and I had to focus our power, and I confess to being disappointed when its last head perished. Still, it was worthy.

If we could harness the power of one of the artefacts, perhaps the [illegible]

although I'm aware that's on [illegible]

and I haven't time enough to retrieve it.

Skrael 35

Kerapac is a fool!

He has discarded the metallic dragons as though they were a failure. He saw only their fury, and ignored their potential.

I have left his service.

He has departed Sketherin, and I have claimed the Brimhaven forge for myself. Mithril may have failed, but other metals could prove useful.

Adamantite. Yes. Flexible, when processed correctly, easy to manipulate and stronger than other metals.

Exceptionally useful for magical conductivity.

Adamant should be perfect, especially if I [illegible]

I chose my first dragon egg very carefully. I settled on a black dragon egg fresh from the matriarch's hatchery.

It whined and complained, but it was of little concern.

I have refined the process. When the egg is in its early, formative stage, I infuse it with adamant that has been worked by an alchemical process. This coats the egg, makes it solid and more resistant to breaking.

We then allow the creature to grow.

As it grows, the dragon presses against the hard shell, and its muscles grow stronger.

When the egg bends, the metal distorts rather than cracks. I then super-heat the egg with drakkerkin breath, and add more molten adamant.

The glowing egg allows a glimpse of the child inside.

To see it writhe in agony as flesh and fire meld is horrific, yet beautiful.

They die at this stage.

There is more work to be done, and the mother dragon seems capable of spawning an endless supply.

Kalur 12

I have done it.

So simple. We superheat and then rapidly cool with pure water. Stolen, of course, from Kerapac's frost dragon experiment.

He's off somewhere else, obsessing over his cure.

If I can perfect these dragons, make them unstoppable, I can transfer my consciousness into one of them.

With my mind and their form, I shall be stronger than any False User.

Strong enough, I suspect, to resist Her curse.

I have named my first successful adamant dragon. She is Lasthes. Fitting. This dragon is more of a child than the Lasthes I once knew, for she does not feel the Pull.

She is still of tremendous anger, but I'm sure I can fix that with... therapeutic sessions.

She has a keen mind, more than just a primal beast.

Terrible as it seems, I can go further.

I have heard word of a metal, both strong and possessing powerful properties.

Rune metal. That is my next goal.

Kalur 42

Curse them! The necrosyrtes have discovered my lab.

I've repelled one, though my beloved Lasthes was slain. The necrosyrtes will come back with more.

I have destroyed what I can, and the remaining adamant dragons will take care of themselves. I was so close.

I am taking myself to a different world. A world that the necrosyrtes have already destroyed, so there's no danger of them coming back.

The natives called it Kethsi.

The were arrogant Vosk. They felt they could use the power of the Stone.

I hear they even tried to turn that power on us, as if it would do anything but heal us.

A lesson in hubris.

Rosli 1

This world will suffice. The arrogant Kethsi left me a laboratory of sorts.

I have constructed a forge, and begun harvesting all traces of runite ore. The rune metal has produced nothing of note.

The few hatchlings disappoint me. The metal slips from their scaled flesh.

No longer confined to an underground laboratory like my other metal dragons, these weaklings unfurl their wings and take to the air.

They circle the ruins, as if indulging some desire for freedom.

I shall correct this flaw.

Rosli 15

The dragons have migrated to the mountains, so I finally have peace and quiet.

I infused one of my few remaining matriarch eggs with my own blood.

This should strengthen its resolve, its strength and, importantly, connect me to it.

As I had hoped, the rune metal has an improved bond with the egg shell. It's as like the armour of mortals.

This should prove most useful... if the beast survives.

It is done.

The rune dragon is beautiful. Magnificent and powerful. Bedecked in armour not unlike our fabled paladins of the Old Revision.

It moves with grace and cunning.

Best of all, the flying dragons have returned, attracted by the behemoth's beauty. They flocked around my prodigy, swooping and raking at it with their claws.

The armoured dragon tore them from the air and roasted them in a glorious torrent of azure flame.

My disappointments reduced to ash, my heart soared.

The battle was magnificent to witness.

Rosli 28

I will have my revenge on that arrogant mortal.

'The Strong', indeed. Pah!

To think he dared to steal from me!


The great and powerful Forcae.

Not that I have any further need of the instrument. My dragons have transcended such archaic techniques.

But impertinence cannot go unpunished.

I have prepared a nest of rune dragon eggs, imbuing them with my own blood. It saps my vitality. I find it difficult to focus on my research, and the rune dragon seems to sense my weakness.

These are the last of the queen's eggs, and I am cautious to return to Gielinor while the necrosyrtes hunt.

The armoured plating is remarkable.

It is almost impervious to magical and mundane forces.

The Kethsians once had knowledge of a material that could be tuned against my kind.

They dared to use it against us.

Bane metal could be the weak link in my dragon's armour, but the seams on Kethsi have long since been exhausted.

Rosli 39

My first brood of rune dragons have hatched. I am not yet satisfied.

Metal dragons hold so much potential. Kerapac was too blind in his arrogance to see that.

I can do better.


Think about it. Our metal, strong, durable, pliable. Our metal infused with their strength.

A great Orikalkum dragon.

I will need a pure vein, but for that I will have to find a way back to our world. This curious gate seems like it could be capable of taking me there, to our world empty of [illegible]

I have gathered provisions for my journey, and tomorrow I shall manipulate the gate.

For now, my rune dragons seem to be growing listless and agitated. I should deal with that. They will learn to respect me.

I am Forcae, after all.

I am their god.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its examine text is a reference to How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Forcae is a reference to the player who suggested the RuneLabs idea for the dragons.
  • The idea of an "Orikalkum dragon" may be a reference to the redundant name of "dragon dragon" that a metal dragon above rune would create.